About Student Action



About Student Action


History of Student Action

Student Action was founded in 1995 at UC Berkeley amidst a pending University lawsuit that left the ASUC saddled with million dollars of debt. The founders of Student Action saw a pressing need for more effective student representation. Student Action is a coalition which has historically represented community-based groups including A People’s Party with Loyalty and Experience (APPLE) and UNITE Greek. Student Action has evolved to all-inclusive slating and endures with a commitment to the principles of service and representation for the entire student body, through practical initiatives that tackle student problems.

Our Values

Student Action operates on a three-part mission:

1. We will responsibly serve our respective constituencies, and we acknowledge and seek to understand the communities of others.

2. We govern with tangible measures and ensure that our work is action-oriented.

3. We are driven to preserve student ownership of the ASUC in order to protect its autonomy and continuation.

Our Policy Priorities for 2017-2018

1.Campus Climate

2. Campus Safety

3. Community-based Work

4. Basic Needs Security

5. Improve ASUC Engagement and Outreach