Alexander Wilfert for ASUC Senate



My platforms aim to address pertinent issues in the underrepresented communities I am a part of. 

1. Party Safety Reform

In order to promote a safer party culture on the weekends, Alex will advocate to extend urgent care hours at Tang Center on Fridays and Saturdays, enhance street security on Channing Way with a Community Service Officers task force, and repeal the Mini-Dorms and Group Living Accommodations (GLA) Ordinance clause passed by the City of Berkeley mandating quiet hours. With the closest hospital, Alta Bates Hospital, closing, transports to Kaiser Permanente in Oakland prove an undue burden to both the medical staff in the Emergency Room, whose limited resources can cause them to divert critical patients to another hospital, and the students. By extending Tang Center hours on the weekends, students can be transported to the Tang Center in a matter of minutes for emergency medical attentions. The absence of security officers on Greek Row on the weekends is extremely concerning, and active efforts need to be made to ensure that students have easy access to officers who can report the situation immediately to UCPD. The stationed CSOs can not only make students feel safer, but can also serve as a crime deterrent. Finally, the Mini-Dorms and GLA Ordinance allows the city of Berkeley to label buildings as a public nuisance, should inhabitants host events that go into the arbitrarily city-mandated “quiet hours.” This causes some events to be hosted discreetly, discouraging students from calling emergency services and stifles any event students wish to have.

2. International Relations Community Advancement

To advance the International Relations (IR) community development, Alex will work as the liaison between the International Area Studies (IAS) Department and the students on the new Global Studies Major; promote professional opportunities in the IR career field; and, establish a week dedicated to IR and promoting awareness of current events. The IAS Department is combining majors in Development Studies, Peace and Conflict Studies, Asian Studies, Middle Eastern Studies and Latin American Studies to one major, Global Studies, stirring much confusion and uncertainty among affected students. By facilitating communication and awareness between students and faculty members, the process of downsizing and reshuffling of classes will be more transparent, minimizing compounded stress on the students. Information and resources on possible career paths for students majoring in the IR field are limited, thereby necessitating new programs, such as IR Career Fairs and an immersive internship program, to be implemented. Planning an IR week where prominent guest speakers will be invited to discuss pertinent global issues, and panels with alumna, PhD students, and graduate students will be organized, to promote awareness of and incite student interest in the IR community.

3. ROTC Advocacy

The ROTC community gets minimal support by the university in regards to member recruitment and retention, access to sufficient physical training equipments, and in the creation of respective branch minors. The deprivation of access causes a serious strain on some members like Army cadets who have a mandatory Physical Training test including weightlifting that determines what jobs they are qualified for, and currently, they are unable to prepare for the test because their designated workout room does not have the needed equipments. By cooperating with the Cal Weightlifting Club and Memorial Gym, the ROTC members will be able to prepare for their test without lining up at the RSF among other students, when student athletes are granted access to the renovated High Performance Simpson Center. In the academic aspect, we will coordinate with the AAVP to create a Naval Science/Aerospace Studies/Military Science to award formal recognition of the classes taken by ROTC members and allow them to gain a degree with their extensive amount of work in these fields.



  • Sit on Chi Psi ExComm as External Vice President and current Risk Manager (also former Social Chair)

    • Overhauled Chi Psis risk management plans by creating policies on how we deal with transports and other emergencies, creating a Sexual Assault Prevention Chair that oversees consent talks, inviting guest speakers among other tasks as well as standardizing our alcohol policy through my experiences on our Social Committee and as a licensed bartender. This has given me the experience necessary to effectively deal with the conditions of the GLA bill and ensure we as a Greek community address the pervasive issues within our community.

    • Sit on Chi Psis excomm for the past two semesters engaging and aiding our President in addressing many issues we as a house and a community face

    • Sit on Inclusivity and Diversity Council for IFC

  • Director of Finance for International Relations Council (Umbrella organisation encompassing six of the largest IR orgs on campus)

    • Oversee and manage the budget for the IRC when putting on events. This has given me the understanding of the difficulties in gaining ASUC funding, putting on events and the lack of IR representation within the ASUC.

  • Historical Crisis Vice-Chair, BMUN 65

  • Arab League Vice-Chair, BMUN 64

  • Former Director of Special Events for ASUC Senator Prasad

  • Chief of Staff for ASUC Senator Hernandez

    • Aided Senator Miranda Hernandez in the operations of her office and implementation of her platforms giving me the experience needed to run an office, implement my own platforms and understand the commitments of a ASUC senator.



  • Miranda Hernandez, Current ASUC Senator*

  • Nathan Kelleher, Current ASUC Senator*

  • Bianca Filart, Current ASUC Senator*

  • Rosa Kwak, Current ASUC Senator*

  • Karthik Prasad, Former ASUC Senator*

  • Jason Tang, Former ASUC Senator*

  • David Romero, President of Navy ROTC Wardroom*

  • Zachary Winter, President of ROTC Cadet Club*

  • Sarah Yue, Chief of Staff BMUN 65*

  • Uday Suresh, Chi Psi President*

  • Evan Lottman, Former Chi Psi President*

  • Stephen Goode, Cal Greeks Programming Council Co-Head*

  • Karthik Ramesh, President PartySafe@Cal*

  • Aidan Salzmann, President Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity*

  • James Hamilton, President Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity*

  • Liam Gaarder-Feindgold, President Phi Gamma Delta Fraternity*

  • Danny Tuthill, Berkeley Model United Nations Secretary General 65*

  • Natasha Cougule, Berkeley Model United Nations Secretary General 66*

  • Mitch Schellenger, Sigma Phi Epsilon President*

  • Stephen Jimmenez, Delta Chi President*

  • Eric Berger, President Inter-Fraternity Council (IFC)*

  • EJ Morera, Vice-President of Risk IFC*

  • Jon Epstein, Vice-President of External Affairs IFC*

  • Summer Collins, Panhellenic Council President*

  • Emily Barber, Sigma Kappa President*

  • Achilleas Ghinis, Theta Delta Chi President*

  • Ivan Rabb

  • George Daniel, Tivolis Cafe





* Titles for identification purposes only