Alexander for President


Alexander for President

Alexander for President


           I am excited to announce my candidacy to serve as your next President* of the ASUC. I have a vision for the ASUC that puts students front and center where they should be. I envision an ASUC that addresses the most pressing issues facing our students on campus, that ensures that students can flourish and enjoy a full college experience, and that elevates and empowers student voices to be an active part of all campus solutions. My first platform is inspired by the work I did as a Senator to ensure the health, safety, and well-being of all students on campus, and is informed by the issues and experiences students shared with me. In a top university such as UC Berkeley, every student should feel safe from harm. Concerns over security and safety should not impede our academic pursuits, nor should they be pressing matters that prevent students from enjoying their college experience. My second set of platforms pertains to the University’s inadequate provision of, and support for, basic necessities and services for students while they are on campus. School is hard enough as it is, and no student should experience the fear of wondering if there will be a next meal, nor should any student fear that they may be dropped from a class because of the inefficiencies and deficiencies of bureaucratic and administrative bodies, such as the Financial Aid Office. My final platform involves revitalizing the ASUC’s engagement with outreach to student communities. We in the ASUC have been elected to represent the student body, to listen to their needs, and to serve their best interests. As Senators and Executives, it is incumbent upon all of us, especially the President, to improve the lives and experiences of those who have entrusted to us the responsibility to lead them.

         These are difficult times for our  campus and students. While there are countless important and pressing issues facing us, these three platforms are intended to set us on  a path towards  fixing many of these issues together. What these platforms intend is to make sure that every student gets to enjoy their college experience to the fullest without fear of food and financial insecurities, without fear of being left out and of not being heard, and without fear for their health, safety, and well-being. What these platforms intend is to make the ASUC responsive to the needs of our community and to ensure that we fulfill the ultimate task of every leader - serving those we are called to lead.

Qualifications and Accomplishments


  • ASUC Senator, 2017 - 2018

    • Chair, Governance and Internal Affairs Committee of the ASUC

    • Undergraduate Representative, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Search Committee

    • ASUC Designee, SERC (subcommittee of CERC) for Campus Risk Management and Safety

    • ASUC Undergraduate Representative, Undergraduate Athletic Board

      • Student Representative, Subcommittee for Gender Equity and Diversity of the Undergraduate Athletic Board

  • Chi Psi Risk Manager, 2017

  • International Relations Community of Berkeley (IRC) Vice President of Finance, 2017

  • Chi Psi External Vice President, 2016

  • Chief of Staff to Senator Hernandez, 2016 - 2017

  • Director of Special Events to Senator Prasad, 2015 - 2016

  • Vice Chair of BMUN [Berkeley Model United Nations] 64 (2015 - 2016), 65 (2016 - 2017), and 66 (2017 - 2018)


  • Reformed SERC subcommittee policy to ensure student representation on the CERC committee

  • Advocated for improvements in party safety and culture

  • Established an International Relations Week

  • Successfully advocated for the ROTC community with issues involving inadequate resources

  • Reformed city ordinances relevant to student housing, affordability, and accessibility

  • Enacted legislation addressing campus climate issues such as those in Free Speech Week

  • Improved relations with and communication between the ASUC and Student Athlete groups

My Platforms

Alex's Platforms (3-2-18).jpg

How We'll Get it Done

My approach to the office of the Presidency is one that is indicative of what the ASUC should be - a group effort. Every student is here to learn, to grow, and to experience college. I want to make sure the ASUC is collectively supporting each student on our campus to do so. For this to happen, we need to be intentional and specific in what our priorities are and how we address them.


Improving Campus Safety and Climate Issues

  • Addressing inadequate and inaccessible health services for students

    • Ceasing closure of Alta Bates Hospital by working with the EAVP to organize and mobilize and by calling on Chancellor Christ and the University to take a firm stance in helping to represent students and their issues

    • Institutionalizing mindfulness of mental health by working with the AAVP to increase dialogue between faculty and students while also engaging in student programming to make students more aware of the topic.

  • Elevating student voices in addressing campus climate issues and ensuring proper representation.

    • Establishing student representation on the Protest Response Team (PRT)

    • Placing relevant community leaders on committees that only include the President or no student representation such as the Berkeley Foundation or the Chancellor's Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees

    • Developing a Chancellor’s Student Advisory Committee similar to the Vice Chancellor’s and Financial Aid’s Student Advisory Committee

  • Improving Night Time Safety

    • Engaging Residence Halls Association in addressing Residence Hall and Dining Hall Safety issues

    • Coordinating provision of sufficient lighting on and off campus with the City and University

    • Improving resources for night-time safety while also opposing any budget cuts


Holding Administration Accountable in the Adequate Provision of Students' Basic Needs and Services

  • Increasing accessibility and affordability of student housing

    • Reducing move out and storage costs while reducing exorbitant fines by engaging with partnerships with local storage facilities and working with the city to improve sustainability

    • Ensuring priority housing selection for EOP & Transfer students

    • Holding the Chancellor accountable to her promise of guaranteed 2 year housing

  • Revitalizing the Financial Aid Office and its policies

    • Leading an organized effort to Cancellation for Non-Payment (CNP) policy with ASUC executives and Senators

    • Addressing understaffing of Financial Aid Office and accessibility of officers by exploring different fund sources and giving priority in the online CalCentral line portal

    • Institutionalizing ASUC presence on the Financial Aid Advisory Committee


Leading the ASUC to Re-engage with the Student Body and Serve their Best Interests


  • Improving ASUC outreach to wider Berkeley community

    • Scheduling regular meetings with the Mayor, City Council members, members of the Telegraph Business Association, and other relevant community stakeholders

    • Coordinating ASUC Outreach Campaigns to place students on city commissions and in offices

  • Emphasizing Outreach and Accessibility

    • Establishing effective communication methods with community leaders and the wider student body such as list serves, regular meeting times and increased social media presence

    • Putting on community engagement events such as President’s Town Hall or Student Speaker Series

  • Restructuring the ASUC to better serve student groups

    • Working with the EVP to increase funding for RSOs through reorganization of finances, outside philanthropy, and consistent student union revenue streams

    • Reviewing of Commissions and their effectiveness and reforming their processes and purposes by working with the CPO and the Senate

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