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Amma for President


Amma for President

Amma for President


Amma Sarkodee-Adoo is a third-year Political Science student minoring in English and Public Policy. The daughter of Ghanaian immigrants, Amma grew up in Glendale, Arizona, where she lived until moving to Berkeley for college. As a Cal student, Amma has been a member of the Alpha Phi sorority and a board member for Berkeley’s chapter of the National Organization for Women. She also has been working at the Berkeley City Council since her freshman year, where she has developed her love of policy and civic engagement. In her term as an ASUC Senator, Amma has focused on increasing financial equity and promoting diversity, equity and inclusion within Greek life, as well as increasing civic engagement among all students. As President, Amma hopes to represent the interests of all students on issues such as campus climate, safety, and administrative accountability, while supporting the most vulnerable through basic needs security and diversity and equity initiatives.

Qualifications and Accomplishments


  • ASUC Senator (2018-2019)

  • Chair of the Governance and Internal Affairs Committee (2018-2019)

  • Student Representative on the Director of University Health Services Search Committee (2018)

  • Director of Statewide Issues Advocacy and Policy In the ASUC Office of the President (2017-2018)

  • Vice Chair of the City of Berkeley Human Welfare and Community Action Commission (2017-2018)

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Chair of Berkeley National Organization for Women (2017-2018)

  • Member of the Alpha Phi Community Development Committee (2017-2018)

  • Intern in the Office of Berkeley City Councilmember Lori Droste (2016-2017)


  • Implemented a Recruitment Fee Waiver program to allow EOP students to participate in Panhellenic Recruitment

  • Created a Campus Leadership Elections Forum, hosting candidates for local and statewide office

  • Hosted four voter registration events for the CalGreeks community, the Black community, and the general student body

  • Encouraged student advocacy on issues such as the creation of student housing and criminal justice reform

  • Directed the use of over $250,000 to poverty services within the City of Berkeley as Vice Chair of the Human Welfare and Community Action Commission

  • Distributed masks to homeless residents of Berkeley following the cancellation of classes due to poor air quality

  • Collaborated with ASUC Senator Zach Carter* on Queer/Trans Greek Week

  • Collaborated with Panhellenic Council on PHC Wellness Month, including hosting a reproductive care workshop

  • Organized a Channing Circle cleanup with Panhellenic Sustainability following Big Game

All titles are for identification purposes only.

My Platforms


How We'll Get it Done

The Office of the President is all about advocacy. Advocacy for students, advocacy for communities, and advocacy for the local Berkeley population. For proper advocacy that engages all students, we need a president and a cohesive ASUC willing to work together to fight for students and the betterment of this university. To accomplish this, here are my specific goals:


Advocacy and Accountability

  • Administrative Accountability

    • Solidify a task force with adequate student representation and regular reporting for every time-sensitive initiative (i.e. Zero Waste by 2020, HSI) and institutionalize student feedback on changes to the university budget.

  • Re-Engage the Graduate Assembly

    • Push for a graduate student seat on ASUC commissions, committees, and administrative task forces, as well as Graduate Assembly approval on major ASUC legislation.

  • Local Engagement

    • Maintain and strengthen student influence on Berkeley city politics by institutionalizing regular meetings between ASUC commissions and their local counterparts; push for a guaranteed student seat on student-impacting commissions such as Housing and Community Health.

  • Rebuilding Our Campus

    • Hold the University accountable for scheduled maintenance across campus, as well as the administration’s outlined plans for on-campus equity spaces.

  • Financial Accountability

    • Require the Student Fee Referendum Committee (SFRC), a standing subcommittee of the Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees (CACSSF), to report the specific uses of the total $727 in campus fees paid by every student, every semester.


Campus Climate and Safety

  • Ensuring Safety On and Off Campus

    • Increase the speed and transparency of crime reporting, provide adequate security measures for student housing, and advocate for better lighting in student-heavy areas and dark spots.

    • Increase stipends to programs like Bear Walk to ensure access for more students.

  • Police Accountability

    • Ensure UCPD officers participate in implicit bias training and hold UCPD accountable to recommendations of the student-chaired Police Advisory Board, as well as create accountability and feedback measures for Berkeley Police Department in their student interactions.

  • Supporting Survivors and Combating Sexual Violence

    • Continue opposition to national politics that harm survivors;  support resources such as PathToCare and advocacy groups.

    • Work to create programming and accountability measures for student organizations.

  • Personalizing the Student

    • Create and support programming that recognizes diversity of experience of non-traditional and first-generation students.

    • Support programs such as Summer Bridge, and bolster on- and off-campus resources that create a culture of enjoyment.


Basic Needs Security 

  • Increasing Student Housing and Tenant Rights

    • Advocate for housing-friendly legislation such as the More Student Housing Now legislation, local micro-unit policies, and statewide density initiatives.

    • Push administration to reach their goal of guaranteed 2-year housing while maintaining renter protections and allowing for student input within this process.

    • Work to ensure new housing projects have spaces for transfer and EOP students and all accommodations necessary for disabled students.

  • Increasing Campus Provision of Basic Needs

    • Push for student input on changes to campus meal plans and the Student Health Insurance Plan.

    • Continue to push for the reversal of the Cancel for Non-payment Plan (CNP).

  • Sustainably Combating Food Insecurity

    • Work with campus providers of food, such as Greek houses and dining halls, to make leftover food available to food insecure students.

    • Incentivize student groups to donate leftover food after events and work towards long term funding for the food pantry to ensure emergency relief to students in need.

  • Mental Health and Wellness

    • Push for greater access to mental health services and counseling.

    • Continue work being done currently to make more spaces available for meditation around campus, especially on the north end


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

  • Faculty Diversity

    • Increase the presence of diverse faculty in typically homogenous departments by pushing for student involvement in search committees for faculty and staff.

    • Improve and implement new required cultural sensitivity programming for faculty and staff.

  • Demographic Equity

    • Hold the campus accountable to the enrollment goals outlined in the Hispanic Serving Institution Initiative, as well as pushing for intentional action from administration regarding the enrollment of underrepresented minorities.

  • Community Space Development

    • Push for designated spaces on campus for groups who do not currently have such space on campus, such as a Latinx Resource Center and a suitable, ADA-accessible DSP Space.

    • Work with the Chancellor towards a long term capital project to serve as an equity hub, and continue support for existing spaces and resource centers.

  • Expansion of Funding for Multicultural Organizations

    • Continue and expand promotion and funding for multicultural programming through CACSSF and other revenues.

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