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Andy for EVP

Andy for EVP


Andy Theocharous is a second-year student who was born and raised on the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. He is currently double-majoring in Economics and Global Studies while serving as an ASUC Senator. Andy before coming to university has served as a Director and Chair in many non-profit, peace-building initiatives in his island. In January 2017, Andy completed his military service in Cyprus’ National Guard with the rank of First Sergeant. Coming to campus as a freshman, he ran to represent the campus’ international, ROTC and Veteran communities in the ASUC Senate. During his tenure, he managed to increase international student scholarships by hundreds of thousands of dollars, eliminated an international student fee and successfully managed to improve the outreach resources of the scholarship office by finding funding for two more student employees. He has established strong and professional relationships with current administrators over expanding international student scholarships to the millions as well as obtaining internship coordinators, career counsellors and more funding for summer internships for low-income students. This year he’s running for the position of Executive Vice President (EVP) to improve our university’s student services and help student organizations navigate spaces on campus. In his time as EVP, he will also construct more ties with key administrators to make sure that student proposals remain as one of the priorities on this campus.


  • Current ASUC Senator, ASUC representative at Committee on Courses of Instruction (COCI)

  • Director/ Founder - Unity Fest (a peace-building initiative under the organization and support of the European Union offices, the United Nations Peacekeeping Force, the State Department

  • First Sergeant - Cypriot National Guard

  • Faculty Advisor - 62nd session of the Harvard National Model United Nations

  • Delegate - 74th International Session of the European Youth Parliament in Tbilisi, Georgia. Represented Cyprus in the committee of economic affairs (ECON)

  • MUN Director & Chairman of the Security Council - 20th St. Petersburg International Model United Nations in Russia  

  • Treasurer - United Nations Youth and Student Association of Cyprus

  • Delegate - UNYSA’s lobbying trip to the U.S Congress, and the Russian, Turkish, Hellenic Embassies to the United Nations. Met with U.S representatives to push for more U.S pressure on the Cypriot conundrum

  • Alumni Chairman - Cyprus Friendship Program Inc (A U.S registered non-profit that coordinates residential projects in the island’s two warring communities)

  • ROTC/ Veteran Affairs Director - Office of ASUC Senator Alexander Wilfert


  • Successfully lobbied and advocated a $125,000 increase in international student scholarships.

  • Eliminated and stopped the increase of the $56 Berkeley International Office services fee, to be effective next year.

  • Gained funding for the implementation of two student employees in the Letters & Science scholarship office to assist with outreach and support.

  • Received the written support of four Vice Chancellors over a $3.5 million international student scholarship package that would fund need-based and merit-based aid for international students.

  • Received the signed support of the Military Affairs Department and recruited an advisor for the proposal on a Military Affairs minor.

  • Submitted and currently negotiating a $2.6 million proposal for the increase in the Career Center services for placing internship coordinators, Letters & Science Career Counsellors, and funding for summer internships for low-income students.

All titles are for identification purposes only.

My Platforms


How We'll Get it Done


Enhancing Support for Student Organizations

I. Reform the Contracted Services Agreement to improve financial revenue and increased student autonomy.

II. Increase accessibility and reduce the cost of events in Student Union spaces through CASSA reform.

III. Prioritize access to traditionally underserved communities in ASUC spaces.

IV. Ease the funding allocation process for registered student organizations by establishing a different online platform than Callink.



Improving the Spaces and Funding Allocation of the University

I. Institutionalize a University Budget Task Force to maintain accountability over University budget decisions.

II. Establish a student advisory board to the University Development and Alumni Relations department to prioritize student proposals.

III. Reform 25 Live in order to allow for more flexibility in and speed the process of space reservation.

IV. Hold the university accountable for the allocation of spaces for the establishment of resource centers for under-served student communities.



Enhancing the University’s Student Services

I.  Advocate for an additional scholarship advisors to be placed in the Letters & Science Scholarship Office.

II. Enhance the University’s Career Services by employing internship coordinators and career counselors, as well as provide funding for summer internships for low-income students.

III. Advocate for continued funding for the LEAD Center and Financial Aid through the Committee on Student Fees and central funding.

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