Student Action, an organization at the University of California, Berkeley, fights to make student government accountable to every student, every year. Our organization was founded in 1995 in response to a need for more effective student representation. Since then, Student Action has upheld its core values of providing a platform for every student voice and enhancing the quality of student life.  We have consistently delivered tangible results and strive to continue to fulfill that responsibility. Student Action is a party that learns from the past, acts in the present, and builds for the future.

The mission of Student Action is to provide mentorship, leadership development and opportunity to every student, every year in order to to create a group of worldly leaders. Members of Student Action come from diverse backgrounds with powerful narratives that get translated into tangible change on the UC Berkeley campus. Our programs and policy emphasize innovation, collaboration, authenticity, inclusion and encourages civic engagement. Student Action advocates for all students at UC Berkeley and provides pathways for leaders to express themselves.