Carolyn for Senate


Carolyn is a third-year Public Health and Society & Environment double major student. She was born and raised in Southern California as a first-generation Vietnamese-American. She attended four different community colleges simultaneously to transfer in an accelerated time frame. Since coming to Cal, she’s been involved in Vietnamese Student Association, Health Advocates Program, and the Community Health City Commission. Within ASUC, she works under the Office of the President*’s Community Development and Transfer Department as an Advocate. She has continuously worked to bring transfer representation in academic and campus climate while also serving as a representative on the ASUC Mental Health Commission. As Senator, she aspires to rethink transfer housing, energize transfer inclusion and visibility, and take mental health seriously.  

  • Qualifications

  • Transfer Advocate, ASUC Office of the President (2019 - Current)

  • Community Development Advocate, ASUC Office of the President (2018 - Current)

  • Office of the President Representative, ASUC Mental Health Commission (2019 - Current)

  • Community Health City Commissioner, Appointed by District 8 Council Member Lori Droste (2019 - Current)

All titles are for identification purposes only.

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Transfer Visibility and Inclusion:

  • Increase transfer (Re-Entry, Student Parents, and Veterans) representation on academic and other relevant committees.

  • Increase standards of inclusion and outreach toward transfer and non-traditional students for organizations and clubs.

  • Continuously spotlight issues at UC Village and use ASUC resources to empower the Village Residents’ Association.

  • Revisit and revise attendance policies (through Academic Senate) with regard to families and dependents.

  • Partner with New Student Services to continuously improve the Golden Bear Orientation experience for transfer students.

  • Negotiate with specific colleges/majors for the implementation of transfer specific resources and circumstances.

  • Work with Transfer Center to expand and innovate in the course curriculum of EDU 198, the official transfer transitioning class.

II. Rethinking Transfer Housing:

  • Establish and lay the foundation for a transfer exclusive housing complex in one of seven new housing complexes, or potentially transition an existing housing site.

  • Work with Cal Housing, officials, and students to support the pilot Transfer Living and Learning Community with its expansion - floor by floor!

  • Expand outreach of housing information to new transfer students, including the foundation work of a city Rent Stabilization Board partnership to help transitioning transfers with private housing.

III. Taking Mental Health Seriously:

  • Create the foundation for an additional satellite office from the Tang Center and increase general visibility of Tang’s resources.

  • Work with Academic Senate to highlight mental health resources in syllabi and streamline excused absences from the Tang Center.

  • Provide Asian American and Pacific Islander specific resources and de-stigmatize mental health issues in the community.

  • Improve mental health resources in Golden Bear Prep/Orientation and in new student materials.