Connor Hughes for ASUC Senate



1. City and Student Homeless Advocacy: Expanding Resources for Underserved Populations

Roughly 10% of UC Berkeley Undergrads have experienced housing insecurity or homelessness, yet the ASUC has no substantive body regularly discussing the issue of student homelessness. The Homeless Student Union, which I am a part of, only launched last year and has minimal foundation. This is unacceptable--the homeless student population needs advocacy and publicity. As a senator, I will work to create an online platform aimed to match Berkeley residents and property owners willing to provide extra rooms or spaces with students experiencing homelessness. I am in contact with the executive directors of the Berkeley Property Owners Association and Berkeley Rental Housing Coalition as partners to create this program. In addition, I will advocate for increased space and accessibility for the Homeless Student Union.

2. Revamping the Night Safety Programs: Increasing Lighting and Night Shuttle Frequency

I will work with the University and transportation services to use grant money to purchase a new night shuttle. This will cut down wait times, especially on Northside. In addition, we can redraw the line routes to create a more efficient map that runs in both directions. For those walking, I will work with the city to allocate our share of new lights in areas the students mark as high risk. Currently, the city has an annual budget of around fifty new lights--I will work with the students to find the most problem areas on campus and use that information to work with the city to install lights there. Finally, the campus has a limited partnership with safety tool ROBOCOPP. Other UC’s have partnered with the company to offer free to highly subsidized devices to their students. I, along with EVP candidate Helen Yuan, will push UC Berkeley to follow their lead.

3. Campus Sustainability: Actually Enforcing Environmental Campus Initiatives

I will put the necessary pressure on campus administrators and departments to abide by the Zero Waste 2020 proposals. Currently, these proposals are opt-in for campus departments. We, as students, need to mobilize and demand that these proposals, created for the university and world’s futures in mind, will actually be enforced. I will push for these policies to be mandatory for all school facilities, departments, and classes on campus.

In addition to pressuring the university department to enforce current waste policies, I will  implement a comprehensive reuse program for the end of semester intended to collect reusable items students wish to throw out. The residence halls have a similar program that is massively successful at helping new residents transition into living. Partnering with fraternities, sororities, and co-ops, this program will reduce waste and provide valuable materials to the campus ReUSE program.



  • Member of ASUC Safety Committee
  • Member of Suitcase Clinic

  • Captain of Cal Quidditch



  • Igor Tregub--Berkeley Rent Board Commissioner Chair*, Berkeley Housing Advisory Commission Chair*, Berkeley Zoning Adjustments Board*
  • Job Miller— President of Cal Quidditch*

  • Daniel Shaby & Executive board— Backgammon League of Berkeley*

  • Ben Gould--City Council Candidate*, TGIF chair*, Founder and former President of Engineers for a Sustainable World*

  • Russell Tagawa— president of Alpha Kappa Lambda*

  • Bianca Filart, ASUC Senator and Co-Chair of ASUC Safety Committee*

  • Andre Luu, ASUC External Affairs Vice President*

  • Jason Tang, Former ASUC Senator*

  • Monsoon Pabrai, ASUC Senator*

  • Helen Yuan, ASUC Senator* 


* Titles for identification purposes only