President: Alexander wilfert


Alexander is a 4th year studying Political Economy with a minor in History. The son of first-generation a Lebanese-American and a German, Alex was born in New Jersey but spent most of his childhood in London, England. On campus, he has been involved in Chi Psi Fraternity, Berkeley MUN and has been a member of the ASUC for the past three years. President Wilfert hopes to lead the ASUC this year in addressing key campus issues such as housing, basic needs and campus safety while also reforming the internal structures and policies of the ASUC.


Executive VP: hung huynh

Hung Huynh is a junior studying Business Administration in the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business. The EVP chairs the Senate and acts as the internal affairs and operations officer, managing student activity spaces, working with student organizations to increase services for the student body, and overseeing the student-side of conversations on commercial activities and student union affairs.

In addition, the executive vice president serves as the second ranking representative of the Association, ensures that actions directed by the Senate are performed, appoints members to committees of the Senate and Association, and carries out any other duties as set forth in this Constitution, Bylaws, or assigned by the Senate.



Melany Amarikwa is a 4th year majoring in Philosophy. The daughter of Mexican and Nigerian immigrants, Amarikwa grew up in Upland, California, which is in San Bernardino county – the largest county in the world. Together with her staff, Amarikwa hopes to use the Academic Affairs Vice President’s office to tackle issues of mental/physical wellness, academic resources insecurity, administration advocacy/accountability, and expansion of library/professional development resources. 











Zach Carter

Zach Carter is a third year studying Political Science and Public Policy. As a student, he has worked in the ASUC since his freshman year in AAVP Bullitt’s office, Senator Wilfert’s office, and as a member of the Sexual Violence Commission. Externally, Zach has City of Berkeley experience as a prior intern for Berkeley City Councilmember Kriss Worthington and as a summer intern for Planned Parenthood’s national office in Washington, D.C. Zach hopes to represent the CalGreeks community and advocate for the Disabled Students Program as it pertains to survivorship support and sexual violence policy reform, DSP resource accessibility, and STD/STI testing accessibility.


Justin Greenwald

Justin L. Greenwald is a third year studying Political Science. Justin is a loyal vegan, a baseball enthusiast, and an avid reader. He currently resides in Los Angeles, California when he is not at school. As an ASUC Senator, Justin seeks to create a more sustainable, safe, and tolerant campus, while additionally striving to facilitate a more positive campus climate. Upon graduating from UC Berkeley, Justin plans to pursue a law degree, specifically focusing on Constitutional Law.


Saakshi goel

Saakshi Goel is a fourth year studying Media Studies and a minor in Design Innovation. She is from New Delhi, India. She has previously been involved with clubs like 100 Strong, SUPERB, and works in Marketing for the ASUC Student Union. As a senator, her goals are to work on sexual violence training and prevention, Student Union development, and providing resources to South Asian and international students.


Nikhil Harish

Nikhil Harish is a fourth year pre-med student majoring in Cognitive Science. Over his time at Cal, he has participated in various organizations including the Sage Mentorship Program and 7 Cups Berkeley, a peer counseling program. He started his tenure in the ASUC as an intern during his freshman year, and has since worked in the AAVP office as well as as a pre-health project manager in a Senator’s office. This year, as the current pre-health Senator, Nikhil hopes to work on expanding access to mental health resources, creating a more effective new student orientation program, as well as working to support the pre-health community.


James li

James is a fourth-year student double majoring in Applied Mathematics and Statistics with a minor in Theater and Performance Studies. James is from Zhuhai, China and aims to represent the international students and the East Asian community. During his term as an ASUC Senator, James will work on: 1) enhancing college experience and providing career development for international students; 2) promoting intercultural exchanges and supporting cultural organizations in the East Asian community; 3) addressing the overcrowding issue of study spaces on campus.


Amma sarkodee-adoo

Amma Sarkodee-Adoo is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science.


Karina Sun

Karina is a third year student majoring in Political Economy with minors in Public Policy and Chinese. She is serving as the Berkeley Dance Community Senator and has found her home there since she arrived on campus. Karina plans to focus on efficient space utilization and increased resource creation this year to increase accessibility to the community. She also hopes to serve as a contact point and advocate for other arts groups on campus.


Andy theocaurus

Andy is a sophomore who was born and raised in the Mediterranean island of Cyprus. Andy is double-majoring in Economics and Global Studies and represents the campus’ international, ROTC and Veteran communities. Andy has participated in various clubs and ASUC bodies that deal with international and veteran student issues. He will be primarily working to provide more scholarship opportunities to our campus, eliminate unnecessary fees for international students, and promote more opportunities for the academic and professional advancement of student Veterans.


William wang

William Wang is a fourth year studying Data Science. William was born in the United States but grew up overseas in Shanghai, China. As someone who was heavily involved with the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology, William serves as the Entrepreneurship,  Technology, and Business senator. He works towards bettering the transparency of resources on campus, helping students with professional development and opportunities, and ensuring a more fair and diverse recruiting process for clubs within the communities he serves. He wishes everyone a great 2018-19 academic year and hopes to work with you!

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Anne is a third year majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and minoring in French. As a Senator, Anne strives to serve the students of the College of Engineering and the greater STEM community through providing more student resources in the areas of professional development, research, academics, and student organizations. Outside of Senate, Anne like to hike, do yoga, and walk her three golden retrievers.