Divya Vijay for ASUC Senate



1.    Creating a guide on how to book classrooms and a centralized portal for classroom and room reservations

The current general assignment classroom booking system, 25live, is cumbersome, faulty, and not user-friendly. Students who are signatories for their clubs attend required seminars to learn about the system, and yet may find the system troublesome to navigate. This poses a problem for student organizations and other entities who try to book classrooms for meetings and events throughout the semester but find themselves lost or unable to book rooms after a certain date or phase. As the current ASUC representative on the Chancellor’s Committee for Classroom Policy and Management (CCCPM)*, I have firsthand seen the flaws in the current classroom booking prioritization policies. I intend to create a guide for students on how to use the 25live system and also to determine what rooms are appropriate for different events, as to reevaluate the way room requests are prioritized. I will also be working with the Office of the Registrar to create a centralized online portal that will combine the services of 25live, RSSP (Residential and Student Service Programs)-controlled dorm conference rooms, library rooms, and more. Expect progress on classroom booking being more of a service and less of an automated system.

2.     Creating a representative student council for politically active clubs

As Communications Director for Cal Berkeley Democrats*, I have personally seen the lack of intercommunication between political clubs on campus. This lack of intercommunication means a lack of resource-sharing. Students who have similar interests are unable to access resources that may measurably benefit them, whether in the form of a guest lecturer event or through an internship fair. Furthermore, there is no centralized student-run political structure currently. To address these needs, I intend to create a council that will include representatives from each major political club on campus that will meet once a month to organize major events such as debates, panels, and internship fairs. This venture will be completed in collaboration with bridgeCal, a new organization dedicated to fostering dialogues between different ideologies on campus. I believe having a strong, cohesive political community will benefit not only the students involved in these organizations, but the entire campus as a whole.

  • This political council will include representatives from Cal Dems, Berkeley College Republicans, Berkeley Political Review, Cal Libertarians, Progressive Student Association, Undergraduate Political Science Association (UPSA), bridgeCal and other relevant organizations.
  • This council will be spearheaded by myself and my office during its pilot year, as to ensure the success of the council and to make sure there is a measurable improvement in event frequency and quality as well as communication between clubs and differing ideologies.  

3.     Connecting South Asian clubs and organizations with resources, both on and off campus

As a member of the South Asian community on campus, I have fallen in love with our vibrant culture and events. However, in order to maintain and expand upon this cultural and social presence, I intend to assist South Asian organizations with financial resources in the ASUC through applications for funding and also help them access sponsorships and grants off campus from local business and non-profits. If I am elected to help represent this community in ASUC Senate, I also intend to work on the following projects: promoting mental health awareness in our community, where mental illness is often stigmatized, and fostering communication between the many student groups in this community.


  • ASUC Representative, Chancellor’s Committee on Classroom Policy and Management*

  • Communications Director, Cal Berkeley Democrats*

  • Legislative Intern, EAVP Marium Navid*

  • Sponsorship and Grant Coordinator, Asha for Education*

  • State Lobby Corps Manager, EAVP Andre Luu*

  • Advocacy Director, SSWANA Coalition*

  • Director of Legal Events and Planning, Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity*

  • Writer, Berkeley Political Review*

  • Campus Editor-at-Large, Huffington Post*



  • Mohit Kohli, Cal Bhangra Captain*
  • Meha Bakshi, Cal Bhangra Captain*
  • Meghan Babla, Asha for Education Coordinator*

  • Vishak Venkataraman, Asha for Education Coordinator*

  • Krupa Adusumilli, Hindu Student Council Co-President *

  • Priya Natarajan, Hindu Student Council Co-President *

  • Himakar Nagam, President of South Indian Society*

  • Anuva Ganapathi, Co-President of UC Berkeley Indus*

  • Aman Chopra, Co-President of UC Berkeley Indus*

  • Monsoon Pabrai, ASUC Senator*

  • Andre Luu, ASUC External Affairs Vice President*

  • Rhea Misra, President of Cal Berkeley Democrats*

  • Avanti Mehrotra, Captain of Nazakat*

  • Akshay Madhani, Captain of Zahanat

* Titles for identification purposes only