Evina for Senate 


Evina Wang is a first-year student intending to major in Public Health and Data Science. Evina was born and raised in Beijing, China and aims to represent the International Students and the East Asian community. She began her journey in the ASUC in the first semester of college as an International Affairs Associate under Office of ASUC Senator* James Li. Additionally, Evina has been actively involved in the East Asian Community by serving as a board intern in the East Asian Union (EAU), PR in the Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA), and core member in BSCF, a Chinese entrepreneurship forum hold collaboratively by Berkeley and Stanford students.

  • Qualifications

  • International Affairs Associate, ASUC Office of Senator* James Li

  • Public Relations Department Member, Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association

  • Core Member, Berkeley Stanford China Forum

  • Performance Department Intern, East Asian Union

  • Member, Unicef at Berkeley

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • James Li, ASUC Senator*

  • Andy Theocharous, ASUC Senator*

  • Lynn Shiung, Former ASUC Senator*

  • Katniss Lee, President* of International Student Association at Berkeley (ISAB)

  • Leona Chen, President* of East Asian Union (EAU)

  • Thomas Wang, President* of Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA)

  • Casper Yang, President* of Chinese People Union (CPU)

  • Kevin Yang, President* of Chinese Student Association (CSA)

  • Linda Liu & Jialiang Gu, Co-Presidents* of Chinese Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars Association (CGPSA)

  • Kit Wing Chan, President* of Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)

  • Andrew Liu, President* of Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)

  • Frances Yang, President* of Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)

  • Ming-Yen Kao, President* of Berkeley Association of Taiwanese Students (BATS)

  • Renhua Liu, President* of Berkeley China Summit (BCS)

  • Bob Xu, Founder* of Berkeley Stanford China Forum (BSCF)

  • Nicholas Le, President* of Ascend

  • Leona Lan, President* of Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACE)

  • Iris Li, President* of Berkeley Psychology Group (BPG)

  • Aleksandra Ma, President* of Citizen Entrepreneur Network (CEN)

  • Sylvia Feng, President* of Chinese Finance Club (CFC)

  • Ryan Qiao, President* of Datong Society of Chinese Studies at Berkeley

  • Richard Tang, President* of Education Practitioners and Innovators of China (EPIC)

  • Karina Wang, President* of Eta Omega Chi (HOX)

  • Abby Cai, President* of TOPPA

  • Junlin Guo, Manager* of Berkeley Chinese Acapella (BCA)

  • Tony Li, Co-President* of Exposure Organization of Student Photographers (EOS)

  • Michelle Lin, Head Coordinator* of Fei Tian Dancers (FTD)

  • Lydia Yu, President* of Phoenix Symphony

  • Xiaoyan Kang, President* of T.I.nY. Chinese Theater Group (TINY)

  • Maggie Deng, President* of Project Pengyou

  • Siyi Wu, President* of Spring Foundation

    * Titles for identification purposes only

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Promote intercultural exchanges within the East Asian Community

  • Simplify the space and funding application process for clubs by increasing transparency on ASUC resources and efficiency of communication with the LEAD Center.

  • Facilitate cultural events by sharing event-planning experience and marketing resources among cultural clubs through regular executive meetings and collaboration with the East Asian Union (EAU).

  • Improve public awareness and understanding of East Asian culture via regular cultural performances on Sproul Plaza to advocate the diversity of cultures at Cal.

II. Smoothen and strengthen the college experience for international students

  • Cultivate an anti-discriminatory environment for international students and researchers by improving the Golden Bear Orientation with an emphasis on cultural diversity, addressing the importance of cultural cohesion on campus and preventing xenophobic incidents.

  • Increase international students’ access to financial support by expanding current BIO-supported scholarships, loans, and financial aids to alleviate the financial burden of the international student body.

  • Provide support on students’ post-graduation plans through networking events and professional workshop in collaboration with Berkeley International Office (BIO), Career Center, and international alumni chapters.

III. Improve the current Night Safety Services and overall campus safety

  • Publicize the existing Night Safety Services to ensure the safety of students at night through measures as creating a detailed guidebook for the use of emergency blue light phones on campus.

  • Improve the time-efficiency of the current underused Nixel report system by collaborating with ASUC CTO and implementing a student-report scheme within the ASUC-owned app Berkeley Mobile.

  • Bridge the communication between UC Berkeley Life Safety Committee and Department of Planning & Development within the City of Berkeley and provide a plant for an adequate lighting system to elevate students’ safety both on and off campus.