William Morrow is a fourth year undergraduate student and Political Science major. This summer, the ASUC Office of the President advocated for an increase allocations for UC budgeting, and to include better provisions and protections for out-of-state and nonresident students. As President, William has thus far met with every high-ranking member of the University Executive team to clarify student opinions and express concern or support in regards to the performance of their respective portfolios. Finally, he convinced the University executive team to overturn the strictness and arbitrariness of the controversial campus-wide "Cancel for Nonpayment Policy" through a coordinated lobbying and letter writing initiative, and will continue to assist in further investigation as to the roots of the policy moving forward. William’s platforms are centered on three general categories; the first relates to finding creative and collaborative solutions to Berkeley’s financial situation at both the micro and macro levels to protect funding for student life. The second set relates to helping students transition into finding a place for themselves in Berkeley. And the final set relates to empowering and protecting student ideas. Above all, William hopes to rebuild student trust in the institution of the ASUC, restore communication channels with the University administration, and support students in their fight for equitable and inclusive education.


Alicia Lau is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration. This summer, one of the EVP Office’s main projects was interviewing and building a functional staff of over fifty students, all of whom provide services to the student body during the academic year. The EVP also designed an implemented the Senate Leadership Institute to train incoming senators. This year, Alicia will work on improving operational inefficiencies and student group processes, such as student keycard access which was tackled and completed by the EVP Office at the beginning of the semester. Alicia hopes to be a good source of knowledge for the current senate class and to do collective programming with other executive officers.

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External Affairs vp: ANDRé luu

André Luu is a third year undergraduate student with an Anthropology & Peace and Conflict Studies double major. This summer as EAVP, André began implementing the EasyPass Clipper Card for all students on campus. He also orchestrated the signing of a historic voter registration memorandum of understanding between ASUC, RSSP, and RHA in preparation for elections in November. Finally, André established the International Affairs Department within the EAVP Office to expand the advocacy of the office. Among countless other projects, Andre hopes to secure a non-voting student member on the Berkeley City Council, register 10,000 new voters, continuing securing a deal with BART administration to implement a BART student discount, explore sustainable housing options for independent and international students during breaks and holidays, ensure that streetlights across the City of Berkeley are installed, and maintain active lobbying efforts at the state level twice a month as well as at the national level twice a year. As the External Affairs Vice President, Andre wants to holistically represent and advocate on behalf of student interests on the local, state, and national levels.


Frances McGinley is a fourth year undergraduate student with a Social Welfare major. This summer, Frances served as a member of Carla Hesse's Sexual Violence Task Force and wrote a report for the Chancellor about the current survivor support services on campus and suggestions for improvement. As AAVP, Frances wants to address the rising costs of course materials by working with faculty, administrators, and leaders at other UC campuses to create a UC-wide open source textbook database. Additionally, she will work with advisors in the college of Letters and Science to improve student’s experiences with Academic Advising. Frances is passionate about de-stigmatizing the issues students face related to mental health and plans to host several wellness related events to inform students about what resources they have available to them and provide safe forums for folks to talk about the difficulties they face regarding mental health. Finally, Frances is in the process of creating the first ever Intimate Partner Violence Coalition at Berkeley that will provide education to the campus community and support to students who have been impacted by dating violence or domestic abuse. Frances’s goal is to really represent student interests and lobby for progressive change during her term.