André Luu for President


         This upcoming year, we will have an entirely new Chancellor and university administration. As your next ASUC President, my main priority is to re-establish shared governance between the administration and students by setting a new precedent for student-chancellor relations. In order to seize this historic opportunity for students, I will hold the Chancellor accountable through regular, public forms of communication, be that a weekly blog post or monthly Fireside Chats; establish monthly meetings between the ASUC President and the Chancellor; and regularly invite the Chancellor to Senate meetings and Graduate Assembly meetings. Furthermore, I will demand proper student representation on search committees for vice chancellors.

         With the change in national administration and its impact on campus climate, it is my responsibility as your next ASUC President to address consequential student needs and concerns. I will establish a Presidential Advisory Council that includes Presidents from umbrella campus organizations such as the Engineering Student Council, Greek Councils, and multicultural recruitment and retention umbrella organizations. By facilitating monthly meetings, this body will increase the unity of campus action and organizing, especially during such uncertain times. I will also work with the External Affairs Vice President to advocate for a sanctuary state. Lastly, I will hire a counselor who will assist current or former refugee students with academic, mental, and physical needs.

          As a low-income student myself, I will propel basic needs initiatives at the university administration level. I will take advantage of my intimate relationship with the university administration to drive the development of student housing to the forefront of the 150th anniversary capital campaign. Additionally, I will apply to CACSSF to launch a Food Security Fund that will provide up to 5 complimentary monthly meals at the dining commons for Pell Grant recipients.


External Affairs Vice President* (August 2016-Present)                                         Delegation Leader* (November 2016)                            
Associated Students of the University of California                                               UC Students of Color Conference

Senator* (August 2015-August 2016)                                                                      Chair* (August 2015-August 2016)
Associated Students of the University of California                                              ASUC Financial Wellness Commission

Board Member* (August 2016-Present)                                                                  Member* (August 2015-August 2016)
University of California Student Association                                                          ASUC Senate Finance Committee

Founder, Student Representative* (October 2016-Present)                                  Member* (August 2015-August 2016)
City of Berkeley-Student Relations Committee                                                      Educational Equity and Excellence Fund

Co-Facilitator* (August 2016-Present)                                                                     Mayor’s Commissioner* (2015)
Chancellor’s Advisory Council on Student-Neighbor Relations                            Human Welfare and Community Action Commission, City of Berkeley

Student Representative* (October 2016-Present)                                                  Member* (2015) 
Student Advisory Council on Financial Aid & Education                                       UC Berkeley Food Security Committee

Student Representative* (August 2016-Present)                                                    Student Worker* (October 2015-March 2016)
Academic Senate Committee for Undergraduate Scholarships,                          Center for Studies in Higher Education
Honors, & Financial Aid

                                                                                                                                   President* (September 2014-May 2015)
 *Titles for identification purposes only                                                                  Bowles Hall Association


Executive Vice President

Executive Vice President

Helen Yuan for Executive Vice President 


         I am Helen Yuan, running to be your next ASUC Executive Vice President. As someone who oversees the network of student organizations on campus, I hope to maximize the amount of resources available for student groups to operate in the most productive way. My initial goal is to form partnerships with local nonprofits and businesses around and within campus as a way of capitalizing on existing resources and bringing them to the students on this campus. For example, as a board member of the Telegraph Business Improvement District (TBID), a nonprofit that oversees the commercial development on the southside of campus, I intend to continue reflecting student interests and voices in decisions that impact this area.

         Additionally, I hope to expand the scope of student spaces on and around campus so that student groups that currently lack a dedicated study or relaxation space can have one. I will start off by working extensively with Student Union Operations to scout and locate spaces within MLK and Eshleman that are underutilized and create schedules for student groups that need access to spaces to sign up for designated block hours. I will also locate any unoccupied spaces within the Woo Hon Fai Hall (previously BAM/PFA) and work to turn it into a student-friendly space.

        And last but not at all least, I will implement a leadership seminar for existing and new student organizations to opt-in to in case they need additional training with managing and sustaining their own human capital. People shape the way organizations and businesses are run, which is why I believe it is extremely important to invest in the right people to successfully build, sustain, and grow an organization. The seminar will bring in speakers and draw upon the learnt knowledge of the successes and failures of established organizations on campus.

       The EVP position has, over the years, progressively been stretched into a more diluted position, as the appointed officials started to build their credibility and own realms of jurisdiction within the ASUC. (In the past, all of the functions of the ASUC appointed officials (CFO, CTO, CLO, CCO) belonged to the EVP) In other words, ASUC departments and committees have been increasingly subject to the silo effect, where the lack of communication and increased overlapping of projects have contributed to decreased productivity and isolated operating units. I hope to draw upon my knowledge with business operations, particularly my approach to operations as a framework of thinking, to strengthen the weakened structure of the ASUC and solidify points of communication between all elected and appointed officials. My overall vision is to eliminate gaps of inefficiency and spread knowledge equally across the entire ASUC.


Senator* (August 2016- Present) Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC) | UC Berkeley

Chief-of-Staff* (August 2015-May 2016) Office of Senator Alicia Lau | ASUC | UC Berkeley

Board Member* (January 2017-Present) Telegraph Business Improvement District (Non-Profit Organization) | Berkeley, CA

Voting Member* (August 2016-Present) University and External Affairs Committee | ASUC | UC Berkeley

Voting Member* (September 2016-Present) Enterprises and Strategic Planning Committee | ASUC | UC Berkeley

Intellectual Community Fund and Decal Fund Distributor* (September 2016-Present) Office of the Academic Affairs Vice President (Frances McGinley) | ASUC | UC Berkeley

Marketing & Partnership Consultant* (April 2016-Present) CampusCribz  | Berkeley, CA

Business Development/Finance Intern* (September 2014-May 2015) Office of Executive Vice President (Justin Kong) | ASUC | UC Berkeley

Co-founder* (January 2016-May 2016) Undergraduate Haas Mentorship Program | UC Berkeley, Haas School of Business

Treasurer & Officer* (January 2015-December 2015) Cal Running Club | UC Berkeley

Academic Consultant* (September 2014-Present) SOAR for Youth | Bay Area

Junior Risk Management Representative* (January 2017- Present)  Alpha Chi Omega Sorority | UC Berkeley

Member* (August 2015 - Present) Alpha Chi Omega Sorority | UC Berkeley

Campaign Manager* (January 2015-May 2015) For Former Senate Candidate (Elect) Alicia Lau | Student Action

Research Analyst* (June 2016-September 2016) Confi HQ | Harvard Innovation Lab | Boston, MA

HQ Liasion* (October 2016) Confi@Cal | UC Berkeley

*Titles for identification purposes only 


External Vp

External Vp

Raj Bhargarva for External Affairs Vice President 


         I am excited to announce my candidacy to serve as your next External Affairs Vice President* of the ASUC. In this role, I hope to empower students to advocate on behalf of their own experiences, tackle the most pressing issues facing the students of this university, and honor the diversity and legacy of our student body.

         As EAVP, I intend to use the knowledge of financial aid and tuition policy I gained as a Financial Aid caseworker* in the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office* to inform and advocate for more equitable financial aid and tuition policies. My first objective as EAVP will be to develop and structure the university’s response to potential cuts in federal funding, as well as develop a protocol for similar situations in the future. I will collaborate with UCOP and the state to ensure that cuts in federal programs and funding will be managed so as to support the most vulnerable populations on UC campuses.

         My second plan of action as EAVP is to facilitate a community-oriented solution to basic needs insecurity. I plan on working with local housing facilities, landlord/homeowner associations, and other community leaders in order to guarantee immediate emergency housing to students who are in desperate and unexpected need. Furthermore, I am committed to working on an ordinance requiring that new student-targeted apartment buildings set aside a portion of rooms for emergency response.

          I intend to uphold Berkeley’s longstanding commitment to justice by holding our campus and state accountable in this period of extreme volatility. I intend to develop relationships with legal advocacy organizations such as the ACLU and the East Bay Community Law Center to create a framework through which students will have direct and immediate access to legal representation if they face violations of constitutional and civil liberties. Finally, as your EAVP, I will ensure that the ASUC represents all students, regardless of community or background, on the UCSA, state, and national levels.


External Chief of Staff*, ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (2016-17)

Financial Aid Caseworker*, ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (2014-16)

Student Representative*, Basic Needs Security Committee (2015-)

Board Member*, Stiles Hall Board of Directors (2016-)

Resident Assistant*, Summer Bridge (2015)

Co-Chair*, Basic Needs Coalition (2016)

ASUC Representative*, Coordination Board for Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management


ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Advisory Committee (2016-)

Office of the President Representative*, ASUC University Partnership Program Advisory Committee (2016-)

Member*, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Advisory Committee (2015-16)

Member*, University of California Office of the President Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force Working Group (2014-16)

ASUC Policy Representative*, Coordinated Community Review Team (2015-16)

ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Apparel Consolidation Working Group (2016- )

ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Banking Consolidation Working Group (2015-16)

Co-President*, Priestley & Ida Sproul Hall Association (2014-15)

Summer Fellow*, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society (2015)

Member*, Berkeley Consulting (2016- )

Programming Committee Member*, The Berkeley Forum (2014-16)

International Committee Member*, Cal Rotaract (2014-15)

*titles for identification purposes only




Ian Bullitt for Academic Affairs Vice President 

       My name is Andrew-Ian Gonzales Bullitt and I'd like to be the next Academic Affairs Vice President of the ASUC. I am currently a Junior Mechanical Engineering Major from west Texas and serve as an ASUC Senator this year. 

       I would like to be the next AAVP because I believe that there is a lot of potential in the office to impact parts of student life which would have helped me immensely when I entered UC Berkeley. I entered UC Berkeley not knowing a single person and riding alone on a super shuttle listening to "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding, my favorite song. I was able to build friendships and networks through the many clubs and organizations I joined and found many communities. I found a home in Engineers Without Borders, where I was able to do field work in Peru and bond with members. I found many friends who broadened my perspective within BESSA, HES, & PASAE. I had the opportunity of joining a completely non-technical club when I joined AFX Dance team and formed many meaningful friendships there. I've also had the chance to live in two Co-ops, hold two campus engineering research positions, and attend many leadership conferences. 

      These experiences propelled my drive to take a position in the ASUC Senate where I was able to work on the climate in the Engineering Community, work on campus diversity, work on recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities, and work on academic wellness. 

        I see so much potential in the AAVP office to work on both strictly academic and various mental health issues on this campus. Grade deflation is real on this campus and is negatively affecting students in many ways. Students often don't have enough information to change majors early on in college and may end up finishing a major because of the hassle it would be to change. Many low-income & minority students face unique challenges and often feel no support in many places in the school. My academic platforms address all these three issues with results-oriented goals.In terms of mental health, students are deterred from counseling due to 1-2 week wait times even if they have serious issues they'd like to speak about. Students also may not have access to physical exercise & stress relief activities. Lastly, there is so much more potential for the ASUC to partner with CalDinning, the Student Food Collective, and the Student Union Restaurants to combat food security. My Mental Health platforms address these three issues. 


Sitting ASUC Senator*

Student Technology Fund Committee Undergraduate Representative*

ASUC FInance Committee Sitting Member*

Engineers Without Borders Peru Team Officer 2014-2015*

Engineers Without Borders Executive Team 2015-2016*

Black in Engineering & Sciences 2014-2016*

Hispanics in Engineering & Sciences 2014-2016*

Filipinos in Engineering & Sciences 2015-2016*

Berkeley Biomechanics Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant*

Berkeley Center for Research & Education on aging Undergraduate Research Assistant*

AFX Dance Member/Family Head*

Berkeley Student Cooperative Former Member*

Regents’ & Chancellor's Scholar*