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EXECUTIVE VP: Helen yuan


Helen Yuan is a senior pursuing a Business Administration degree at UC Berkeley’s Haas School of Business. She is dedicated to improving the lives of students on this campus by aligning them with the different resources available on this campus. As a junior, Helen served as an ASUC Senator, focused on targeting the housing crisis, particularly through improving online housing resource accessibility. Granted the privilege of being an ASUC Senator, Helen and her team were able to spearhead a relationship with the CEO of a local non-profit called CampusCribz, which is known to be a nationwide college housing network offering safe, student-friendly housing listings surrounding college campuses. By establishing this fundamental partnership, Helen and her team were able to start the development of this website starting this year, in conjunction with Senator Harshil Bansal.

Now, Helen is the current ASUC Executive Vice President, with an amazing office of 15 team members. As the ASUC executive office that oversees the network of student organizations on campus, one of our primary functions is to maximize the amount of resources available for student groups to operate in the most productive way. We serve student organizations on this campus to the best of our ability, connecting them with the resources that they need to function efficiently. The EVP office also hopes to invest our time and efforts in the mentorship of the 20 senators, so that they, as the most powerful decision-making unit of the ASUC, can thrive in their positions.

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AAVP Andrew-Ian Bullitt served as a Senator for the 2016-2017 school year and majors in mechanical engineering. While studying mechanical engineering, Iyan was able to learn about the inconsistencies within policies affecting engineering students and later was elected with the intent of centering work around engineering students, those with financial need, and students of color. He has previously partnered with local high schools, offering Junior & Senior students an essay bank of 80+ essays of admitted UC Berkeley students, and has lead academic and mental health projects.

As the AAVP Iyan recognizes that many of the mental health issues faced by students stem from the highly academic environment of this institution as a whole. At times UC Berkeley fails in supporting the academic and mental health needs of students. The 2018-2018 AAVP Office goal this year is to critically focus on methods and projects that would enhance the academic success & retention of students while carrying on mental health advocacy and projects that the office has traditionally held. They hope that focusing on issues such as mental health therapy sessions, grade deflation, food insecurity, and department-based policies will produce lasting change for the undergraduate experience.