Hung Hyunh for External Affairs Vice President 


         I am excited to announce my candidacy to serve as your next External Affairs Vice President* of the ASUC. In this role, I hope to empower students to advocate on behalf of their own experiences, tackle the most pressing issues facing the students of this university, and honor the diversity and legacy of our student body.

         As EAVP, I intend to use the knowledge of financial aid and tuition policy I gained as a Financial Aid caseworker* in the ASUC Student Advocate’s Office* to inform and advocate for more equitable financial aid and tuition policies. My first objective as EAVP will be to develop and structure the university’s response to potential cuts in federal funding, as well as develop a protocol for similar situations in the future. I will collaborate with UCOP and the state to ensure that cuts in federal programs and funding will be managed so as to support the most vulnerable populations on UC campuses.

         My second plan of action as EAVP is to facilitate a community-oriented solution to basic needs insecurity. I plan on working with local housing facilities, landlord/homeowner associations, and other community leaders in order to guarantee immediate emergency housing to students who are in desperate and unexpected need. Furthermore, I am committed to working on an ordinance requiring that new student-targeted apartment buildings set aside a portion of rooms for emergency response.

          I intend to uphold Berkeley’s longstanding commitment to justice by holding our campus and state accountable in this period of extreme volatility. I intend to develop relationships with legal advocacy organizations such as the ACLU and the East Bay Community Law Center to create a framework through which students will have direct and immediate access to legal representation if they face violations of constitutional and civil liberties. Finally, as your EAVP, I will ensure that the ASUC represents all students, regardless of community or background, on the UCSA, state, and national levels.


External Chief of Staff*, ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (2016-17)

Financial Aid Caseworker*, ASUC Student Advocate’s Office (2014-16)

Student Representative*, Basic Needs Security Committee (2015-)

Board Member*, Stiles Hall Board of Directors (2016-)

Resident Assistant*, Summer Bridge (2015)

Co-Chair*, Basic Needs Coalition (2016)

ASUC Representative*, Coordination Board for Undergraduate Admissions, Financial Aid, and Enrollment Management


ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Advisory Committee (2016-)

Office of the President Representative*, ASUC University Partnership Program Advisory Committee (2016-)

Member*, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs Advisory Committee (2015-16)

Member*, University of California Office of the President Sexual Violence and Sexual Assault Task Force Working Group (2014-16)

ASUC Policy Representative*, Coordinated Community Review Team (2015-16)

ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Apparel Consolidation Working Group (2016- )

ASUC Representative*, University Partnership Program Banking Consolidation Working Group (2015-16)

Co-President*, Priestley & Ida Sproul Hall Association (2014-15)

Summer Fellow*, Haas Institute for a Fair and Inclusive Society (2015)

Member*, Berkeley Consulting (2016- )

Programming Committee Member*, The Berkeley Forum (2014-16)

International Committee Member*, Cal Rotaract (2014-15)

*titles for identification purposes only