Melany Amarikwa for Academic Affairs Vice President 


       My name is Andrew-Ian Gonzales Bullitt and I'd like to be the next Academic Affairs Vice President of the ASUC. I am currently a Junior Mechanical Engineering Major from west Texas and serve as an ASUC Senator this year. 

       I would like to be the next AAVP because I believe that there is a lot of potential in the office to impact parts of student life which would have helped me immensely when I entered UC Berkeley. I entered UC Berkeley not knowing a single person and riding alone on a super shuttle listening to "Anything Could Happen" by Ellie Goulding, my favorite song. I was able to build friendships and networks through the many clubs and organizations I joined and found many communities. I found a home in Engineers Without Borders, where I was able to do field work in Peru and bond with members. I found many friends who broadened my perspective within BESSA, HES, & PASAE. I had the opportunity of joining a completely non-technical club when I joined AFX Dance team and formed many meaningful friendships there. I've also had the chance to live in two Co-ops, hold two campus engineering research positions, and attend many leadership conferences. 

      These experiences propelled my drive to take a position in the ASUC Senate where I was able to work on the climate in the Engineering Community, work on campus diversity, work on recruitment and retention of underrepresented minorities, and work on academic wellness. 

        I see so much potential in the AAVP office to work on both strictly academic and various mental health issues on this campus. Grade deflation is real on this campus and is negatively affecting students in many ways. Students often don't have enough information to change majors early on in college and may end up finishing a major because of the hassle it would be to change. Many low-income & minority students face unique challenges and often feel no support in many places in the school. My academic platforms address all these three issues with results-oriented goals.In terms of mental health, students are deterred from counseling due to 1-2 week wait times even if they have serious issues they'd like to speak about. Students also may not have access to physical exercise & stress relief activities. Lastly, there is so much more potential for the ASUC to partner with CalDinning, the Student Food Collective, and the Student Union Restaurants to combat food security. My Mental Health platforms address these three issues. 


Sitting ASUC Senator*

Student Technology Fund Committee Undergraduate Representative*

ASUC FInance Committee Sitting Member*

Engineers Without Borders Peru Team Officer 2014-2015*

Engineers Without Borders Executive Team 2015-2016*

Black in Engineering & Sciences 2014-2016*

Hispanics in Engineering & Sciences 2014-2016*

Filipinos in Engineering & Sciences 2015-2016*

Berkeley Biomechanics Lab Undergraduate Research Assistant*

Berkeley Center for Research & Education on aging Undergraduate Research Assistant*

AFX Dance Member/Family Head*

Berkeley Student Cooperative Former Member*

Regents’ & Chancellor's Scholar*