Gabriel Louis-Kayen for ASUC Senate

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Gabriel Louis-Kayen is a first year undergraduate student studying political science and economics. Gabriel has been involved in Phi Alpha Delta Pre-Law Fraternity, is a member of Berkeley Hillel, and serves as his residence hall’s Residence Hall Assembly representative. If elected, Gabriel plans to work on increasing campus accessibility to the CalFresh program and other food security resources, building a coalition of pre-law student organizations and creating resources for the greater pre-law community, and promoting night time safety through increased off-campus lighting and enhanced safety services as well as pushing for student representation in administrative decision-making groups. Overall, Gabriel not only wants to serve the communities he is rooted in, but wants to push our university to be more student-oriented and wants to make Berkeley more inclusive and accessible for all students.


I. Basic Needs Security

Food insecurity is a widespread problem at UC Berkeley —  over 1 in 5 UC Berkeley students have reported having to at least occasionally “skip meals to save money.” Fortunately, programs, such as California’s CalFresh program, are a great way for students to receive resources for food in Berkeley. With over an estimated 10,000 students eligible, the Calfresh program has huge potential to benefit the Berkeley community, yet is largely underutilized by large portions of food insecure students. I plan to vastly expand student enrollment in the CalFresh program by connecting with campus basic needs groups and CalFresh to create a joint marketing and programming campaign, continuing to hold informational clinics and publicizing enrollment deadlines. Moreover, I will work with Cal Dining through evaluating shelf products and reviewing sales so that we can make items available in the Golden Bear Cafe meet the qualifications for accepting Calfresh EBT credit as a form of payment. In doing so, we can make our campus more accessible to the numerous food insecure students and make our campus markets healthier. Additionally, I will work to increase campus resources for food security student groups and initiatives. As your ASUC Senator, I will work to enhance and expand the basic needs resources that help provide security for food insecure students.

II. Student/Campus Safety Platform

Student safety is an issue that touches every community on the Berkeley campus. The fear and risk surrounding camus safety are some of the most detrimental factors of the Berkeley experience. These factors are exacerbated by large crime rates on campus and elevated dangers at night time; UC Berkeley has the highest crime rate among the entire University of California System. Our campus offers great night safety services like Bearwalk to help get students home safely at night, but often force students to wait up to 30 minutes to walk home and are unable to accommodate the many students that travel around campus at night. Increasing night time safety begins with advocating for increased funding for night time safety services. But in addition, I plan to partner with the Moffitt Library to create a night safety service that would allow students to connect with their peers to walk home from Moffitt Library to similar areas around campus throughout the night. Furthermore, a severe lack of lighting, especially on the streets along the South side of campus, makes the City of Berkeley conducive to crime. By working with the City of Berkeley Public Works, I will help our city prioritize the expansion of off-campus lighting in heavily student-populated residential areas, such as the blocks between Telegraph and Shattuck. Lastly, I plan to push for a safer and more student-oriented campus climate through increased student representation within administrative circles. Administrative groups like the Compliance, Accountability, Risk and Ethics Committee (CARE), Committee on Audit, Internal Control and Financial Accountability (CAICFA) and the Office of Risk Services that oversee the university’s ethical decision-making, risk assessment and management, and campus-wide policy planning and implementation would better serve the Berkeley student community if they had student representatives to advocate for the prioritization of student safety and concerns; I will unequivocally push our administration to increase student representation in decision-making groups. As your ASUC Senator, I will work to foster a safer environment, on and off campus, and will encourage our administration to better reflect the students it serves.

III. Pre-Law Platform

Pre-Law students at Berkeley make up one of the largest professional communities on campus. Various pre-law fraternities, societies and other student organizations create amazing pre-law resources for students on campus. And with minimal pre-law advising on campus, these organizations are invaluable in promoting the success of our pre-law students. As an ASUC Senator, I plan to strengthen the presence of these pre-law organizations and create more resources for all pre-law students through the creation of a pre-law coalition. Continuing the work of ASUC Senator Miller, together, these pre-law student organizations and I will establish a coalition of pre-law groups that will collaborate to promote each other's success and to provide resources to pre-law students that are uninvolved in pre-law groups. The coalition will partner with the UC Berkeley Career Center to put on career fairs, law school admission panels and other events for the greater pre-law community. Additionally, I will work pre-law and Berkeley Law students to host additional monthly or bimonthly pre-law advising for undergraduate students. As your ASUC Senator, I will embolden the pre-law community, work to foster increased coordination and communication between pre-law organizations, and create a coalition that will service the greater pre-law community as a whole.



  • Legislative Director at Office of ASUC Senator Roman

  • Legislative Associate at Office of ASUC Senator Hughes

  • Legislative Intern at Office of ASUC Senator Hughes

  • Programmatic Staff at ASUC Office of the President

  • Residence Hall Assembly Representative at Priestley/Ida Sproul Hall Association

  • Recruitment Director at Phi Alpha Delta Law Fraternity, International