Haazim for Senate


Haazim Amirali is a second-year undergraduate student majoring in Political Science and History.  Haazim first became involved in the ASUC his freshman year serving as Legislative Director for Senator* Adnan Hemani and after managing Executive Vice President* Hung Hyunh’s campaign, he currently serves as the Associate Chief of Reform and Legislation in the Office of the President*. With a strong body of work in the ASUC, Haazim is ecstatic to combine his institutional prowess with his passions for solving major issues on campus to create tangible change for the overall campus community.  He is excited to work on reshaping residential life, expanding pre-law resources, and making the ASUC accessible students in an effort to better the overall student experience at Cal. He worked on Representative Katie Hill’s campaign this past summer, and will be joining her on the hill this summer. On campus, he is an RA in Martinez Commons and plans events for pre-law students in the Undergraduate Legal Honors Society. During his free time he facetimes his 5-year-old sister to learn about the new letters she learns each week!


  • Associate Chief of Reform and Legislation in the Office of the President* (2018-2019)

  • External Director, Undergraduate Legal Honors Society (2018-2019)

  • Katie Hill For Congress Campaign Fellow (2018)

  • Residential Assistant in Martinez Commons (2018-2019)

  • Legislative Director to ASUC Senator* Adnan Hemani (2017-2018)

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • RHA President-Elect* Jordan Jomsky

  • Jai Yarlagadda, CEO of the Fairpact Foundation*

  • ASUC President* Alexander Wilfert

  • Sigma Phi Epsilon Cal Alpha

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Restoring ASUC Accountability, Accessibility, and Integrity

  • Work with ASUC sponsorship requirements as well as the Lead Center to hold all clubs on campus accountable for diversity, safety, equity, and inclusion.

  • Hold ASUC representatives accountable through the restructuring of weekly reports and the publishing of weekly graphics that outline what representatives have done in a given week.  

  • Redesign the current system of ASUC sponsorship/funding to ensure that student organizations with the greatest impact on the Cal community and which forward Berkeley’s national excellence/reputation have the resources necessary to accomplish their goals.

II. Reshaping Residential Life

  • Educate students on how to live together across cultural divides to prevent conflicts in Residential Life.

  • Assist residents with Food and Basic Needs Insecurity by creating a Basic Needs Division within Residential Hall Association.

  • Provide guidance for students in Residential Halls on which classes to take for their potential majors or internships to find for their potential careers.

III. Expanding Pre-Law Resources

  • Establish an alumni mentorship program with Cal alumni in the legal field to give undergraduates students the opportunity to network and prepare to enter law school.

  • Institutionalize a Legal Career Fair where students can network with law firms.

  • Provide Pre-law students a head start on law school admissions through a Pre-Law speaker series featuring admissions officers and professors from the Berkeley School of Law.