Executive Vice President 



One of my initial goals is to create and maintain partnerships with local nonprofits and businesses around Berkeley to expand the number of resources for students on campus.

I consider every Cal student a part of Telegraph Berkeley. This district is a really amazing area that represents the diversity of UC Berkeley and the surrounding community. As the next EVP, I will create a sustainable partnership with TBID so that as much student input can be integrated into the commercial activity and development of the South-side area. I want this relationship to reflect student interests and needs with a recognition for the impact that students have on this area. As a Board Member of TBID, I sit in monthly meetings that discuss issues related to merchant complaints, cleanliness maintenance, annual event programming and marketing efforts. Bridging my position with the role of EVP will allow for innovation with respect to how business development and impact are considered in both roles.

In addition, I hope to secure a partnership with Robocopp to provide free Robocopps for all students - incoming, Greek, transfer, Graduate, etc. Extending the work of Senator Bianca Filart, I want all Berkeley students to have a tool with which to protect themselves when walking home at night, or when faced with a variety of dangerous circumstances. I will be hosting drives on campus during the beginning of every semester (e.g. through GBO and Calapalooza) to promote the use of this safety tool to all students. Regarding incoming and all students, I will coordinate demonstrations about the different kinds of situations in which one can use the Robocopp to defend yourself in early semester campus-wide events like GBO and Calapalooza. Regarding the Greek community, I will coordinate demonstrations using Robocopp with risk managers of each chapter to build awareness around protecting oneself (tailored to each house’s specific needs)

My second platform has to do with maximizing the utilization of underutilized spaces on campus to benefit student organizations looking for dedicated spaces.

While working as a Senator this past year, I have been exposed to how little the campus cares to give deserving students the space they need to study, relax, and decompress. (I am currently a liaison for Disabled Students Program, which has consistently reached out to me requesting for a designated study space that has not been found) We see the transfer student center and the multicultural center make such good use of their space, and I envision that this same kind of need can be fulfilled for DSP.

I will start off by working extensively with Student Union Operations to scout and locate spaces within MLK and Eshleman that are underutilized and create schedules for student groups that need access to spaces to sign up for designated block hours. (For example, the Senate Chambers, although dedicated strictly to the ASUC, should be available for other student organizations/groups to use as long as they adhere to facility guidelines) This will enable student groups without access to a dedicated study space to have one for certain hours of the week.

I have reached out to the Vice Provost of Academic and Space Planning to inquire about the current usage of Woo Hon Fai Hall (previously BAM/PFA) located on Bancroft Avenue. This space (57,600 square feet) would be perfect for student organizations to use as an additional study/relaxation/group project space because of its convenient location (close to campus), and it’s open-space architecture. I will locate any unoccupied spaces in this hall and work to turn it into a student-friendly work space.

In addition, I want to host workshops on how to use technology within classrooms for student groups that wish to utilize the equipment in classrooms but do not know how to set up a projector or speakers, etc. This will be especially useful for DeCals, e.g. when displaying course material such as videos, graphics, software demonstrations, etc.

My third platform is to implement a monthly leadership training seminar teaching how to effectively run a student organization.

People shape the way organizations and businesses are run, which is why I believe it is extremely important to invest in the right people to successfully build, sustain, and grow an organization. One of my last goals as EVP is to offer existing and new student organizations on campus the opportunity to participate in a leadership training. This is something that student organizations, especially new and sprouting ones, can opt-in to in case they need additional training with managing and sustaining their own human capital.

Parts of the program will include:

  • Bringing in speakers from well-structured student organizations on campus to speak about their own unique leadership structure and how that contributes to productivity and success within their respective student organizations
  • Creating a leadership transition forum that helps student organizations with major leadership transitions ease into their transitions stress-free
  • Using simulations to demonstrate challenges that leaders or organizations might face and different ways to effectively combat those challenges
    • Gathering data/ from student organizations that have encountered problems and how they have effectively solved them


Senator* (August 2016 - Present)
Associated Students of the University of California (ASUC)

Chief-of-Staff* (August 2015 - May 2016)
Office of Senator Alicia Lau | ASUC

Board Member* (January 2017 - Present)
Telegraph Business Improvement District (Non-Profit Organization)

Voting Member* (August 2016 - Present)
University and External Affairs Committee | ASUC

Voting Member* (September 2016 - Present)
Enterprises and Strategic Planning Committee | ASUC

Intellectual Community/Decal Fund Distributor* (Sept. 2016 - Present)
Office of the Academic Affairs VP (Frances McGinley) | ASUC

Marketing & Partnership Consultant* (April 2016 - Present)
CampusCribz  | Berkeley, CA

Business Development/Finance Intern* (September 2014 - May 2015)
Office of Executive Vice President (Justin Kong) | ASUC

 * titles for identification purposes only

Co-founder* (January 2016 - May 2016)
Undergraduate Haas Mentorship Program | Haas School of Business

Treasurer & Officer* (January 2015 - December 2015)
Cal Running Club

Academic Consultant* (September 2014 - Present)
SOAR for Youth | Bay Area

Junior Risk Management Representative* (January 2017 - Present)
Alpha Chi Omega Sorority | UC Berkeley

Member* (August 2015 - Present)
Alpha Chi Omega Sorority | UC Berkeley

Campaign Manager* (January 2015 - May 2015)
For Former Senate Candidate (Elect) Alicia Lau | Student Action

Research Analyst* (June 2016 - September 2016)
Confi HQ | Harvard Innovation Lab

HQ Liasion* (October 2016)