Isabella Chow for ASUC Senate

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Hey there! My name is Isabella Chow, and I’m running to be your next ASUC senator! I’m a sophomore double-majoring in business and music, and I intend to pursue cybersecurity or intellectual property law after graduating. Born to Cambodian and Malaysian parents, I was homeschooled K-12 and grew up on a family ranch in Gilroy, CA. When I came to Berkeley, the intellectual diversity and academic vigor of this campus amazed me, and my heart raced when convocation speakers motivated us to dream big and change the world. Today, however, I realize that change isn’t just a lofty ideal to be accomplished in the distant future; change begins with everyday actions – whether that means picking up a floating plastic bag on the street, texting words of affirmation to a friend, or running for ASUC Senate. :) As your voice in the ASUC, I promise to work tirelessly to promote the needs of the Christian and publications/media communities and the wider campus as a whole. Feel free to hit me up any time! I’m always down to grab coffee and get to know you.


I. Serve Cal's Christian Community

Ever since my first day at Cal, the vibrant Christian community here has become my closest family and home. As your next Christian senator, I will work towards further uniting and strengthening Christian fellowships and churches through facilitating Berkeley Prayer Nights, and organizing outreaches and socials after community events. I aspire to publicize and centralize announcements for community events, especially welcome events, through social media. By hosting regular coffee chat hours during GBO week and beyond, I aspire to help individual students plug into solid communities and find their home at Cal. Importantly, by hosting annual dialogues like Fiat Lux and the Veritas Forum, I also aim to increase campus conversations about faith and different worldviews. Finally, I will endeavor to begin building a 24/7 chain of worship and prayer, modeled after King David’s tabernacle, by increasing interfellowship worship and prayer on campus.

II. Represent Cal's Publications and Media Communities

As an elected member of the ASUC Publications and Media Board, I recognize that campus publications/media groups remain vastly under-resourced and under-represented in administrative committees and the ASUC Senate. As your publications and media senator, I aim to increase opportunities for our community by organizing company networking events, partnering with publishers to provide student discounts, and creating how-to resource guides for filming locations and contact/pricing information for local publishers. To facilitate resource sharing and community building, I will host club recruitment fairs, publications/media-related trainings, and film screenings, and regularly publicize community news and events. Finally, I will advocate for a film minor and for regular maintenance of the film department bulletin board, as well as for journalism minor classes to be held during the school year.

III. Streamline Club Recruitment Processes

Club recruitment season is a major stress and hassle for both students and clubs alike. I will collaborate with existing resources (like BearCrawl, a Berkeley hackathon project) to create a web and mobile platform (similar to LinkedIn or the Common App) that will streamline all club information and applications on one portal and provide match suggestions for students and clubs. This platform will allow students to easily search for and apply to different organizations, and eliminate the hassle of sifting through stacks of flyers and application methods. This platform will also give clubs, especially smaller ones, greater visibility and wider reach into the Berkeley community.


  • Operations and Marketing Associate for the Intercollegiate Finance Journal (2018)

  • Chief-of-Staff for ASUC Senator Jenica Bautista (2017-18)

  • Elected Steering Committee member on the ASUC Publications and Media Board (2017-18)

  • Deputy Business Manager for the Berkeley Political Review (2017-18)

  • Lead Unity in Christ Student Rep for ASUC (2017-18)

  • Prayer Leader for Open Air Ministries (2017)

  • Website Manager and Intern Worship Leader for Naos House of Prayer (2016-17)

  • Team Captain for The Force IM Soccer Team (2016-17)

  • Field Coordinator for the American Enterprise Institute UC Berkeley Executive Council


  • Former ASUC Senator Wesley Wan*

  • ASUC Senator Jenica Bautista*

  • Justin Lee – Lead Chair, Unity in Christ*

  • Mika Anders – Editor-in-Chief, Caliber Magazine*

  • Caleb Kang – President, Global Medical Missions Alliance UCB Chapter*

  • Hannah Lee – Operations Co-Director, LivingWater Presence*

  • Angela Kwon – Small Group Leader, InterVarsity*

  • Andrew Chang – Small Group Leader, Intervarsity*

  • Bethany Higa – President, Japanese Christian Fellowship*

  • Cory Chen – Ark College Group Leader, Cal Alumnus*

  • Lauren Cabrera – Ark College Group Leader, Cal Alumna*

  • Jun Sun Yoo – Naos College Group Leader, Cal Alumnus*

  • Adora Svitak – Editor-in-Chief, Berkeley Political Review*

  • Yash Sangharajka – President, Intercollegiate Finance Journal*

  • Curtis Yap – President, GiANT Filmmakers*

  • Josh Roque – Editor-in-Chief, Konshuu!*

  • Jacquelyn Vasantachat – Editor-in-Chief, To An Unknown God*

* Titles for identification purposes only