James Li for ASUC Senate

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I. Enhance college experience and provide career development for international students

We have over 6000 international students on the Berkeley campus, but there are not enough opportunities and resources dedicated toward our community. I will make improvements for the international student community by firstly working with Berkeley International Office to enhance the orientation experience, the oversea receptions, and peer mentorship programs to help international students better integrate into the university and the larger Berkeley community. I also want to build on Senator Shiung’s work, collaborating with Career Center to provide career development and graduate school guidance for international students to mitigate the disadvantages international students face for future planning. I will work on long-term resource creation and collection that can benefit all international students while expanding on programs such as CPT/OPT workshops, graduate school application panels, and international student job research strategy workshops.

II. Promote intercultural exchanges and support cultural organizations

As a student who has been actively involved in multiple cultural clubs on campus, I deeply understand the problems that cultural clubs generally face. Representing the East Asian community, I want to provide more opportunities for cultural exhibitions and performances by establishing a YouTube channel for cultural clubs as well as hosting events such as cultural fairs and performance nights, where all clubs can showcase their cultures to the wider campus community through the ASUC. I also plan on collaborating with East Asian Union to foster a stronger East Asian community, where registered student organizations (RSOs) and their members can form more intimate bonds and facilitate better cultural exchanges through sharing resources and collaborating on cultural events. In addition, I will work with LEAD Center and utilize ASUC resources to provide support and guidance for cultural clubs regarding issues such as space allocation, funding, and building access for events. I plan to provide a unified guideline that clarifies the complexities of funding applications and space reservations so that all RSOs can better utilize the resources on campus.

III. Address the overcrowding issue of study spaces on campus

It is hard to find study spaces during midterm and final seasons, especially on a competitive campus like UC Berkeley. We often end up wasting time finding seats in libraries and other popular workspaces. I will work on expanding a campus-wide people-flow tracking system in study spaces, which provides students with real-time updates about the number of people in different study areas to help students save time finding seats in places that are already full. I will build on existing resources, such as Berkeley Mobile and library information pages, to further invest in providing guidelines and information for students to utilize the large number of libraries and alternative study spaces on campus without overcrowding the few areas where the majority of students go.


  • Chief of Staff, Office of ASUC Senator Lynn Shiung

  • Study Abroad Outreach Core, Office of ASUC Senator Nathan Kelleher

  • President, T.I.n.Y Chinese Theatre Group

  • Head Secretary / Vice President, Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association

  • Tournament Director, Berkeley Math Tournament

  • Performance Intern, East Asian Union


  • Lynn Shiung, EAU-endorsed Senator*

  • Xiao Li, Former EAU-endorsed Senator*

  • Jason Tang, Former EAU-endorsed Senator*

  • Alexander Wilfert, ASUC Senator*

  • Yoon Sung Hong, President of International Student Association at Berkeley (ISAB)*

  • David Chen, President of East Asian Union (EAU)*

  • Bella Zhang, President of Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association (BCSSA)*

  • Casper Yang, External Vice President of Chinese People Union (CPU)*

  • Michael Lee, President of Chinese Student Association (CSA)*

  • Kathy Poon & Elvis Chau, Co-Presidents of Hong Kong Student Association (HKSA)*

  • Grace Yeo, President of Nikkei Student Union (NSU)*

  • Gary Huang, President of Taiwanese Student Association (TSA)*

  • William Liao, President of Taiwanese American Student Association (TASA)*

  • Ming-Yen Kao, Vice President of Berkeley Association of Taiwanese Students (BATS)*

  • Teng Lei, President of Chinese Graduate and Postdoctoral Scholars Association (CGPSA)*

  • Carolyn Dunlap, President of Project Pengyou*

  • Xiaofei Deng, Founder of T.I.n.Y Chinese Theatre Group (TINY)*

  • Sharon Chen, Executive Vice President of Ascend*

  • Dawei Liu, Co-President of Association of Chinese Entrepreneurs (ACE)*

  • Sia Chang, President of Berkeley China Summit (BCS)*

  • Peter Wang, Manager of Berkeley Chinese Acapella (BCA)*

  • Fiona Yang, President of Berkeley Psychology Group (BPG)*

  • Bob Xu, Founder of Berkeley Stanford China Forum (BSCF)*

  • Jenny Wu, President of Chinese Finance Club (CFC)*

  • Shaoyu Liu, President of Datong Society of Chinese Studies at Berkeley*

  • Harrison Pan, Co-President of Exposure Organization of Student Photographers (EOS)*

  • Anya Fang, Head Coordinator of Feitian Dance (FTD)*

  • Jing Wu, President of Eta Omega Chi (HOX)*

  • Yishan Pu, President of Phoenix Symphony*

  • Echo Cui, President of Spring Foundation*

  • Vivian Hsieh, Facilitator of Taiwanese Decal*

*Title for identification purposes only