Jenica Bautista for ASUC Senate




Work with the Open Computing Facility (OCF) administration to help optimize their hours of operation and services by advocating for an increase in their ASUC funding. OCF is located in 171 MLK Student Union and provides in-person tech support for their many online services: Web Hosting, Application Hosting, and Email Hosting for student groups, faculty, and research groups. They also happen to provide free printing and scanning. Many students are unaware these valuable resources exist. It is my mission to make OCF fiscally solvent to accommodate for the influx of students. My aim is to expand the visibility of the multiple services they offer through marketing materials and by giving presentations at new student orientations.


Increase the accessibility of fitness and nutrition resources of the Recreational Sports Facility (RSF), Physical Education courses, and the Tang Center. Work with the Tang Center's dietitian to publicize the importance of nutrition and identify obstacles students might face when trying to achieve a healthy lifestyle. Every student pays a $146/semester Wellness Fee in their enrollment tuition. This fee amounts to a total fund of $13 million that can be used to benefit wellness initiatives. I will advocate for a recurring grant that allocates a portion of these funds to reduce P.E. course material fees, membership fees for club teams on campus, and spearhead new projects that will enhance campus nutrition.


Strengthen the presence of Cal's Christian Communities by serving as a liaison between all Christian organizations and the ASUC. Work alongside RSO 'Unity in Christ,' in order to execute large scale events that celebrate and share Christian faith through fellowship and collaboration. I will assist Christian organizations with their goals and concerns regarding ASUC finances, venues, publicity, and community events. Most importantly, I aspire to help individual Christian students find their sense of community, cultivate their faith at Cal, and take root with the Church. As Christians, we are called to love your neighbor, stand against injustice, and exhibit compassion in our daily lives on a social and political level.



I have spent the last two years working in the ASUC. I served as the Intern of the Public Service Fund Director in Fall 2015 and the Public Service Fund Director in Spring 2016. During my internship in the Department, I first identified problems with the allocation strategy, which involved inconsistency in quality service to applicants, incomplete interpretations of applications, lack of communication among collaborators, and unorganized allocation meetings with senators. I understand students are very busy here and we each have plenty of work to accomplish, I was not pleased as an intern to witness a great deal of time that was being unnecessarily wasted during the reimbursement process.

Once I became the Director of the Public Service Fund in the Spring of 2016, I integrated all applicants on a single excel sheet that could be accessed by the senators, this increased the infrastructure’s potential for more clear communication that outlined exactly what stage a given applicant was on. I wanted to make a valuable impact far beyond what had been done in the past; therefore, I created the Public Service Fund’s first allocation manual that could be used to equate the deliberation process for applicants, allowing a more sound and fair judgment on how to allocate funds. With a tight budget, it is essential to be astute with funding criteria. I constantly referenced the manual to score applications on a universal scale that provided a more fair comparison, thus, streamlining the process.

For the Fall of 2016 and Spring of 2017, I was appointed as the Head of the Grants and Scholarships Department to oversee its 9 grant directors, 2 scholarships directors and their respective interns. This year alone, I contributed to the merging of the Grants Department and Scholarships Department into one Department. I presented in senate committees to advocate for a bill to merge the ADA Accessibility Fund and the Educational Equity and Excellence Fund to create the Underserved Student Equity Fund with the intention of improving the grant’s impact. That bill successfully passed.  Additionally, we have mandated that all grant files remain on a universal drive to facilitate the best possible transition for future Grants and Scholarships Department Heads.

In addition, I was appointed to serve as the first Co-Chair of the ASUC Financial Wellness Commission. Last year, the Commission was a task force. I represented the AAVP during the construction, recruitment, and launch of the Task Force. Then, I assumed a secretarial position throughout the course of its establishment. I advocated for propelling the task force into a commission and met with the ASUC’s Chief Legal Officer in considering an assortment of ASUC bylaws. The exposure I gained through this Commission has allowed me to witness the true capabilities of the ASUC and what a team can achieve with clear objectives and policies in mind.

My experiences hearing Grant applicants testimonies during their interviews, working alongside other ASUC officials (Academic Affairs Vice President, Chief Legal Officer, Chief Financial Officer, Chief Communications Officer, and various Senators), and creating and presenting bills to make ASUC infrastructure improvements are just a few of many skills I have acquired throughout my time at Cal.



  • Dan and Debra Goodson, Ministry leaders of Berkeley Cru
  • Nathan Malone, Student Council Member of Koinonia

  • Ethan Kuo and William Cheung, Group leaders of Intervarsity

  • John Knox, Director of Unity in Christ (UiC)

  • Wesley Wan, ASUC Senator, Lead Student Director of Unity in Christ (UiC)

  • Ryan Julius, Ministry leader of Greek Cru