Jessica Flores for ASUC Senate



1. Form a committee to support and sustain an annual students of color career fair in partnership with Cal alumni and current graduate students with an easy to access website that includes all relevant resources with separate tabs for internships, jobs, steps needed to apply to professional/graduate programs with recommended classes and spotlights of past alumni.

It would involve forming a sustainable committee that will maintain an easy to use website with internship, job, and networking tips in communities of color. It will also address the special needs of undocumented students by having a tab made just for undocumented students with resources that can be utilized by our community despite of citizenship status.

2. Make the pre-health community one that is easier to navigate for all types of students especially for low-income, first generation, underrepresented minority students.

This would be possible by creating a portal that would allow all pre-health students to input their career goals, major, and timeline in order to get a personalized tracker on what courses to take. It would be tailored to one’s own needs and timeline. I want to expand the amount of resources available to minority students to improve the retention of minority students in STEM classes. This would include advocating for easier to access tutoring services at a low cost. In my years here I have noticed that a lot of pre-health minority students fall back because they were not prepared for the basic level science courses at Cal and without the financial resources to find tutors it is often hard to catch up. I would try to fix this by working to make new work study positions for private tutors that low-income students would have priority for. It would also advocate for all science classes over 100 students to be projected and recorded in some sort of way. As well as by making study groups easier to form through B-Courses. Finally I would also advocate for more mental health workshops and resources for STEM students and to eliminate the term “weeder” courses.

3. Make food security a problem less of an issue on campus.

I would advocate for the subsidy of Cal dining off-campus meal plans by working with the administration. These subsidies would help lower the price for low-income students. I want to work with the financial aid office so that students get meal help without needing to exhaust all of their loans. In order to improve food access on campus I want to propose setting up more vending machines around campus with healthy snacks that can be purchased with meal points, cash and debit. Finally, I want to make food preparation something easier for students by posting quick and easy recipes from items that can be found at our own Berkeley food pantry.

4. Advocate for more resources and support for undocumented students at Cal.

This includes not only more mental health resources but also academic, financial and legal resources for both ourselves and our families. I also want to fight for this campus to be recognized as a sanctuary campus and to strengthen the pipeline from undocumented high school students into higher education. As well as working with the other UC campuses to ensure that every UC and Cal State have an undocumented student resource center.



  • Co-Fundraising Chair of CHE, 2016-2017

  • Intern in Office of ASUC Senator Ian Bullitt, 2016-2107

  • Mentor for Dreamer's Project, 2016-2017

  • Pre-Health Student Council Representative for cHE 2017

  • Work Study Student Employee



  • Clara Ramirez, CHE co-chair*



* Titles for identification purposes only