Joey for Senate


Joseph Besgen is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and minoring in Mechanical Engineering. He has been a leader in engineering student organizations on campus, serving as the Treasurer of EnableTech and as the Chief Health Officer and Chief Finance Officer of the Berkeley Invention Corps. Joseph has also been involved with several startups in the SkyDeck incubator, working as a technical intern for groundbreaking companies such as Humm. He first became involved in the ASUC in Spring 2018 as Outreach Coordinator for ASUC Senator* Anne Zepecki’s campaign and then went on to work as an Entrepreneurship and Technology mentor in the Office of ASUC Senator* William Wang in Fall 2018. The engineering and tech communities at UC Berkeley have been a home for Joseph since coming to Berkeley, so he is grateful for the opportunity to meaningfully contribute and give back to those same communities. He hopes to provide greater access to resources for students and organizations, and aims to encourage increased communication and collaboration within these organizations. He hopes to work with community leaders to create a cultural shift in internal and external club culture.  


  • Entrepreneurship & Technology Advisor, Office of ASUC Senator* William Wang (2018)

  • Co-Founder, Chief Health Officer, Chief Finance Officer, Berkeley Invention Corps (2017-2019)

  • Member of Cal Band (2016-2019)

  • Mobile Developer, Humm, SkyDeck startup (2018)

  • Bioinformatics Intern, Quantgene, SkyDeck startup (2018)

  • Startup Team Member, Berkeley Method of Entrepreneurship Bootcamp (2018)

  • Treasurer, EnableTech (2016-2018)

  • Design Consultant, You3DIt, SkyDeck startup (2017)

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • Katya Yamamoto - Former ASUC Senator*

  • Anne Zepecki - Current ASUC Senator*

  • William Wang - Current ASUC Senator*

  • Shaantam Chawla -  External Vice President*, STAC

  • Jordan Aronson - Vice President of Internal Affairs*, EnableTech

  • Manooshree Patel - Engineer’s Week Chair*, Engineering Student Council

  • Iris Hou - CEO*, Berkeley Invention Corps

  • Arjun Khare - President*, Launchpad

  • George Zeng - President*, Phoenix Consulting Group

  • Alex Cegarra - President*, Political Computer Science @ Berkeley (PCS)

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

How We’ll Get it Done

I. “Engineering Orgs and the ASUC, a Trilogy: Paving the Way for Faster Pay, Revitalizing Resources, and Spaces: the Final Frontier”

  • Work with Engineering Student Services, Engineering Student Council and the LEAD Center to provide clarity about funding allocations and funding balances for student organizations and to streamline the reimbursement process.

  • Facilitate contract between Mobile Developers @ Berkeley, Office of the Chief Technology Officer and the LEAD Center to build an application to manage funding.

  • Oversee and accelerate creation of new Maker Space on campus.

  • Continue development of platform started by ASUC Senator Anne Zepecki to standardize the way in which student organizations reserve workspaces and rooms within the College of Engineering.

  • Create a website platform that allows student organizations to post project opportunities for projects they are unable to or don’t wish to work on.

II. Curating Club Culture: Enhancing Awareness and Shifting Attitudes

  • Enact new policies and trainings based off the existing RSO working groups, working to incorporate recommendations in conjunction with Engineering Student Council and other community leaders.

  • Provide support in conjunction with Engineering Student Council for student organizations to host public events and workshops open to the entire Berkeley community.

  • Collaborate with student groups to create a centralized resource that provides tips and insights about starting a club, including but not limited to planning for recruitment, obtaining company partnerships, and acquiring funding.

III. Building Community: Engineering and Beyond

  • Create a council consisting of  tech organizations that will allow them to support one another and create a dialogue on community topics and issues pertaining to diversity, recruitment, inclusivity, and project acquisition.

  • Organize a showcase with Engineering Student Council to recognize and display projects from all engineering organizations.

  • Continue development of web platform to change and revitalize the Sprouling process for student groups.

  • Work with the Dean of Data Science to ensure that more courses articulate from community colleges for Data Science transfer students.