Josh Wilson for ASUC Senate



1. Organize, Maintain and Manage Student Group Practice and Performance Spaces

A huge part of my job as Chief of Staff for Senator Wesley Wan has been to oversee practice and performance spaces for student groups in the Berkeley Dance and Performance communities. Because the ASUC is responsible for most of these spaces on campus—either through direct ownership or through contracts with outside entities—it is important that we have representatives in senate who will keep these spaces up to date, organized and plentiful. As Wesley’s Chief of Staff, I secured $40,000 dollars in funding to renovate existing spaces to make them safer for long-term use as well as buy them necessary equipment. Additionally, I serve as a liaison between student groups, Hearst gym, and Eshleman to mitigate problems with space, scheduling, and rental issues. It is so important that we, as an artistic community, have these suitable spaces available to us; without them, it is very difficult not only to grow, but to express, exist, and thrive. Next year, I hope to continue the work I’ve done with making these spaces available to all students.

2. Establish a relationship between ASUC and CalPerformances; Reduce Monetary Barriers Within the Berkeley Performance Community

Art shouldn’t be expensive. Culture, dance, artistry shouldn’t bar lower-income students. As a senator, I would aim to dismantle the monetary barriers associated with being in a dance or performance group here at Berkeley. This semester with Senator Wan’s office, I helped launch the Berkeley Dance Community scholarship, intended for low-income dancers who find membership fees (including but not limited to dues, costumes, transportation, apparel) exclusive. Currently, I’ve been working with CalPerformances to see how we can reduce fees for campus organizations to host showcases and or events with their venues. Over the past five years, some groups have seen their costs to rent out performance venues double, with some groups paying upwards of $10,000 dollars for a single night in the Zellerbach Playhouse. As a senator I would act as a liaison between campus groups and CalPerformances and find ways to bring down performance costs to reasonable levels. I aim to advise CalPerfomances on their recharge agreements, contracts with student groups, and general outreach to campus organizations, while also helping those organizations communicate with CalPerformances to plan the cheapest and easiest showcases they can. A main goal of mine would be to establish a sustainable relationship between the ASUC and CalPerformances.



  • Chief of Staff, Office of ASUC Senator Wesley Wan

  • Co-Chief Director, Dance Board of UC Berkeley



  • Wesley Wan, Chief Director of BDC Dance Board & ASUC Senator*


*Titles for identification purpose only