Katya Yamamoto for ASUC Senate



1. Increasing Research Opportunities in STEM

Research for STEM students is important for success in industry and graduate school, yet is difficult to find due to both a lack of opportunities and of communication to students of what is available. I will collaborate with centers and institutes, such as UCSF, to establish undergraduate fellowship programs for students to conduct research under established faculty members. A system to coordinate STEM research does exist, called Beehive, however it is underutilized, and the research opportunities are outdated. I will work to increase awareness of this system, working with faculty to actively increase the quantity and variety of positions made available to students.

2. Improving STEM Mentorship

Berkeley’s ever increasing undergraduate population has made it more and more challenging to find individual mentors and role models in the existing graduate student and faculty pool. I will establish a STEM mentorship program, accessible to all students on campus, to be paired with a graduate student and a faculty member, either on the basis of academic interest, or personal experience. Offering undergraduates a close mentor that represents them, especially coming from underrepresented communities would facilitate a stronger sense of inclusion within STEM, encouraging a diverse and accepting climate. Furthermore, I will also hold faculty advisors to student organizations accountable for their responsibilities.

3. Advocating for Womxn’s Health

With the recent elections, health care policy is a topic of high concern. I will partner with the Office of the EAVP to advocate and lobby on womxn’s health issues, such as the Pink Tax and Menstrual Tax Repeals. With the existing support of local and federal officials, such as Congresswoman Jackie Speier, I hope to address issues surrounding reproductive rights, fight the stigmatization of sexual health and increase access to health services, as well as encourage STD testing and promote sexual self-love.



  • Lobby Core Staff, EAVP, 2016-2017
  • DeCal Facilitator, 2015-2017

  • Talks Manager, The Berkeley Forum, 2016

  • Project Manager of Phoenix Consulting Group, 2017

  • Health & Sex Educator, Moscow, Russia, 2014-2015



  • André Luu, Current ASUC EAVP
  • Ian Bullitt, Current ASUC Senator

  • Karthik Prasad, Former ASUC Senator

  • Rudra Mehta, President of Bioengineering Honor Society

  • Andrew Nam, President of Phoenix Consulting Group

  • Paul Bitutsky, President of Russian Student Association

  • Brooke Gemmell, Concrete Canoe Project Manager