Leslie for Senate

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Leslie Vasquez is a second year majoring in Political Science with a minor in public policy. Her career in the ASUC began the fall of her freshman year in 2017 working as an intern and associate for Latinx Endorsed Senator Vicente Román. Since then, Leslie has worked as an associate for Reform and Legislation in the ASUC Office of the President and as the director for Policy and Legislation for Latinx Endorsed Senator Nick Araujo. Leslie is also involved in numerous clubs such as The Secular Student Alliance, Latinx Pre-Law Society, Hermanas Unidas, and Rally Committee. She is excited to run for ASUC Senate representing the Latinx community and using the ASUC to maximize access of resources to her community. Leslie plans to address issues regarding representation and resources for the Latinx community, educational equity for transitioning high school students of color, and  expanding study spaces including the overcrowding of libraries. Her platforms are rooted in community engagement as she looks forward to continue working with her community to ensure the Latinx community thrives at UC Berkeley.


  • Director of Policy & Legislation for Latinx Endorsed Senator* Nick Araujo (2018-Present)

  • Associate in Reform & Legislation for Office of the President* Alexander Wilfert (2018-Present)

  • Intern of Policy & Legislation for ASUC Latinx Endorsed Senator* Vicente Román(2017-2018)

  • Associate of Policy & Legislation for ASUC Senator* Vicente Román(2018)

  • Latino Pre-Law Society Invested Member (2017-Present)

  • Hermanas Unidas Member (2019-Present)

  • Rally Committee Member (2017-2018)

  • Rigel Robinson Campaign Fellow (2018)

  • Volunteer Nuestrapalooza setup (Fall 2017)

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • ASUC Latinx Endorsed Senator* Nick Araujo

  • 2017-2018 ASUC Latinx Endorsed Senator* Vicente Román

  • Legislative Aide for Office of the President* Luis Mora

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Representation and Resources Availability for the Latinx Community

  • Continue already existing HSI (Hispanic Serving Institution) initiatives with the help of the Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs to create a designated Latinx space working alongside current senator Nick Araujo for CACSSF funding for the space.

  • Work alongside office of admissions and community organizations to create more opportunities for students from low-income high schools to visit Cal.

  • Lower the Cost of Attendance Adjustment requirements that steer many students away from UC Berkeley due to the cost of living

  • Collaborate with Chicanx Latinx Student Development Office to create more career fairs for students of color

  • Work with Office of the Registrar to reserve more spaces when students come from high schools to tour the campus and Q&A’s

  • Demand more Latinx themed housing programming in the new housing units

II. Educational Equity for Transitioning Students of Color

  • Facilitate the transition for high school students coming to Cal

    • Increase amount of students attending Summer bridge and access and analyze data as to why some students do not attend.

    • Increase enrollment of senior weekend through more funding from university grants; incentivise the public to host these students

    • Find data on the percentage of students failing classes such as Math 16 series, Math 1 series, Chem 1 series and use that to justify creating more courses like Math 32. Increase number of adjunct classes through CACSSF funding.

    • Collaborate with the Chancellor to ensure tangible progress is being made by the administration and hold them accountable.  

III. Allocating More Study Spaces and Addressing issues of Overcrowding Libraries

  • More Study Spaces

    • Create a bill allowing for all UCB students to have access to multipurpose rooms located in dorms during RRR week since students are more incentivised to study at a dorm closer to their home than on campus

      • Work with James Li, John Scroggs, Susie Halpin (Event services), RHA, RSSP

    • Apply for grant funding to purchase more efficient bed desks that can be rented out in more libraries

  • Overcrowding Libraries

    • Submit (CACSSF) funding before end of this school year for funding next year’s libraries such as Doe to stay open for 24 hours during RRR week. The money will go towards staffing.