Lubna Sebastian for ASUC Senate



1. Safety

I would love to increase funding for our campus safety services, which encompass BearWalk and Bear Transit. One avenue to raise more money for such services is through the Cal Calling Center where I work, potentially during the Big Give. I would hope to set up a fund specific to our campus safety services that can be brought forward to alumni and parents to donate to. Working with UCPD and institutions on campus like the Lead Center would be great way to raise awareness of our safety services and bring more attention to BearWalk’s long wait times during high demand periods over the semester (like dead week, finals, and syllabus week).

I hope to establish a Safety Week on campus. A booth on Sproul with fun activities and questions about safety would be an interactive way to get students engaged and donate towards campus safety services. I would also like to extend the program outward, but first use the Greek community as a test pool and get UCPD, PartySafe, C.A.T, and different organizations working on safety issues to come together to host modules, presentations, and fun activities like self-defense and/or CPR classes. I would like to give every Greek house that participates a bell or a sticker to put on their house’s front door to establish that they participated and are in a safe home. My goal is to then assess the success of Safety Week and eventually extend outward to have different student groups involved and do the same presentations and activities.

I am currently looking to continue the work of Senator Bianca Filart’s office and work with the city of Berkeley’s Transportation Division to get pedestrian crossing signs on Channing Circle. Considering the heavy foot traffic and low visibility in the night and during heavy rain, I believe pedestrian crossing signs would be beneficial to both students and drivers in the area.

2. Sexual Assault Awareness and Survivor Support

Survivor support is near and dear to my heart, and as a peer educator with *Greeks Against Sexual Assault (GASA), I’ve had the honor of leading discussion-based presentations on sexual assault issues in the Greek Community. I have also seen the weight that prohibitive costs have on survivors looking to be examined and treated at hospitals after sexual assaults. I would like to expand GASA’s medical reimbursement form for care to ALL students on campus, so every survivor at Cal can have access to a program that helps cover the costs of care. With a Senator’s office and access to additional grants and financial support, we can take a step forward to help survivors on campus and cut down on otherwise prohibitive medical costs that burden those affected.

I’m looking to collaborate with athletic teams to see if they are would like additional access to interactive sexual assault awareness modules and presentations. I hope to learn more about the community’s current goals and concerns on sexual assault awareness issues and would love to work with the Golden Bear Advisory Council and athletic coordinators to expand education.

3. Greek Specific Platform: Increased Availability of Water for Greek Social Events

I hope to help shift our culture of partying to one that recognizes water as an integral part of our social environment, not just as a last minute resource found in a red solo cup in a bathroom sink when someone has had too much to drink. I am currently on the pilot program for *PartySafe’s Hydration Hype Squad, and with the help of a grant, we’ve been going to registered fraternity events to set up hydration stations to raise awareness for sustainability, risk management, and access to water. As a Senator, I aim to continue the incredible work that PartySafe is doing by pushing for the expansion of hydration stations in social settings and securing permanent installation of water filtration systems or water fountains in Greek homes.


Peer Educator with Greeks Against Sexual Assault (GASA)

Peer Educator with Calgreeks Alcohol Taskfore (C.A.T)

Fundraiser with the Cal Calling Center

Panhellenic Delegate for Sigma in the UC Berkeley Panhellenic Council

Former Community Development Chair for Sigma

Agent with PartySafe’s Hydration Hype Squad


Allyn Benintendi and Matt Nagamine, Greeks Against Sexual Assault*

Jon Jay, President of Calgreeks Alcohol Taskforce (C.A.T)*

Bianca Filart, ASUC Senator*

Summer Collins, President of Panhellenic Council*

Eric Berger, President of the Interfraternity Council*


* Titles for identification purposes only