Lynn Shiung for ASUC Senate


My name is Lynn Shiung and I am a Theater Dance and Performance Studies major with a minor in Korean Language. Growing up in a traditional Asian family, I’ve been taught to always care about others and respect others’ backgrounds. It is with this mindset that I am a firm believer in improving student experience both on and off campus. Through my involvement in various cultural organizations, I have realized that there is still much to be done to enhance the accessibility of campus resources to these organizations. The people who I’ve met and interacted with during my years at Cal are the ones who have inspired me to enact change. I am grateful to say that these people have shaped me into who I am today, and it is my hope that I will be able shape and improve their college experience here at Cal.



My platforms aim to enhance student experience at UC Berkeley with the focus on career planning, on-campus resources, and cultural backgrounds.

1. Provide career development and networking opportunities for international students

For the International Student Resource and Career Planning Program, international students in the program will be able to meet with local Bay Area students upon arrival to gain local and campus experience. Working with the Berkeley Mobile app and involving useful campus resources and nearby area information, such as phone plans and bank accounts, will facilitate students to better adapt to Berkeley. For career planning, building on programs Office of Senator Xiao Li has been working on, I will collaborate with the Career Center and Berkeley International Office to provide work visa planning workshops and invite firms who are interested in recruiting international students to career fairs on campus to introduce more job opportunities to international students.

2. Improve accessibility of mobile device charging stations across campus locations

I will work on a Campus-wide Mobile Device Charging Lockers Program to benefit all students. Students rely on their mobile devices to study, communicate with peers and professors, and much more throughout the day. Previous ASUC officials successfully improved Moffitt library by lending portable chargers to students, and I will continue to make mobile device charging more accessible. The charging lockers allow students to charge their mobile devices without the need of congregating around the charging stations. The students will be able to utilize the time for other purposes. I aim to implement the charging lockers all across campus, benefiting students of all majors whose classes are on different sides of the campus. I will get support from the Executive Director of ASUC Student Union and apply funding from Chancellor’s Advisory Committee on Student Services and Fees (CACSSF), Student Technology Fund, and reach out for company sponsorships to successfully realize this program.

3. Support cultural organizations to enrich the campus experience of students with different backgrounds

Because of my Asian background while growing up, I actively involved in various cultural organizations and I will be working on Cultural Clubs Supporting Programs designed to help organizations and individuals who are passionate about promoting East Asian and SouthEast Asian cultures. I plan to collaborate with East Asian Union representatives and Event Services to encourage cultural exchange between cultural clubs and enhance inter-club relationships.  Events such as sports tournaments, cultural shows, or specific cultural festival celebrations and collab months can directly strengthen relationships in the East Asian community. Through this program, I will also work with the LEAD Center to support East Asian clubs with issues they might encounter, such as funding, building access, space allocation and Sproul tabling for event-promoting purposes. I will also work on providing leadership training and development opportunities.



  • Event Planning Director, ASUC Office of Senator Li

  • External Vice President, Taiwanese Student Association

  • Former Secretary, Taiwanese Student Association

  • Vice President, UC Berkeley bProduction

  • Facilitator, Berkeley Oversea Reception

  • Representative of TSA, East Asian Union

  • Member, Taiwanese American Student Association

  • Member, Korean American Student Association

  • Member, International Students Association at Berkeley



  • Xiao Li, EAU-endorsed ASUC Senator*

  • Jason Tang, President of East Asian Union(EAU)* and Former EAU-endorsed ASUC Senator*

  • Andre Luu, External Affairs Vice President of ASUC*

  • Helen Yuan, Senator of ASUC*

  • Kenneth Wu, President of UC Berkeley Taiwanese Student Association(TSA)*

  • Maggie Chang, President of Taiwanese American Student Association(TASA)*

  • Jay Sananvatananont, President of International Students Association at Berkeley(ISAB)*

  • Danica Zhou, President of Berkeley Chinese Students and Scholars Association(BCSSA)*

  • Jiayang Kang, President of Chinese People Union(CPU)*

  • Tiffany Lee, President of Hong Kong Student Association(HKSA)*

  • Leon Sim, President of Singapore Student Association(SSA)*

  • Mint Nayada Katavetin, President of Thai Student Association(ThaiSA)*

  • Danwei Ma, Vice President of Chinese Student Association(CSA)*

  • Evelyn Yin, Peer Leadership Consultant of LEAD Center*

  • Helen Gao, President of T.I.n.Y. Berkeley Chinese Drama and Entertainment Company*

  • Pameda Chen, Vice President of Alumni Relations of Ascend*

  • Rio Luo, Director of Korean Performance Group(KPG)*

  • Anh Duong, President of Berkeley Advertising Agency(BAA)*

  • Yucheng Lu, President of Berkeley Psychology Group(BPG)*

  • Helena Chang, Facilitator of Taiwanese Language DeCal*

  • Ramya Rupanagudi, Founding Core of Second Impressions at Berkeley*

  • Brian Mao, President of bProduction*

  • Steven Zhu, Mentor of Golden Bear Orientation(GBO)*, Co-founder of PairWalk*

  • Quan Huynh, Choreographer of Viet Steps*
  • Daniel Fang, President of International Students' Advisory Committee(ISAC)*


*Titles for identification purpose only