Melany for AAVP


Melany for AAVP

Melany for AAVP

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Qualifications and Accomplishments


Academic Affairs Vice President, Chief of Staff 2017-present

  • Academic Affairs Vice President, Chief of Staff 2017-present

    • Moffitt Library Advisory Board

    • Prizes Committee

    • Minority and Philosophy Member

    • Berkeley Legal Studies Association Member

  • Campus Safety Committee, Chair 2017

  • Student Action, Member 2015-present

  • Mixed Student Union, Director of Operations 2016-17

  • Senator Filart, Chief of Staff 2016-17

    • PartySafe at Cal Representative

    • Sexual Violence Commission Member

    • Campus Safety Committee Member

  • Mixed Student Union, Intern 2015-16

  • Cal Football Recruiting Operations Intern 2015-16


  • Moffitt Library Laptop Program Expansion [Academic Affairs Vice President]

  • Expansion of iClicker Program [Academic Affairs Vice President]

  • Major Exploration Fair [Academic Affairs Vice President]

  • Major Statistics Compilation and Publication [Academic Affairs Vice President]

  • Collaborate with City to Expand Lighting [Campus Safety Committee]

  • Innocent Bystander Policy Presentations  [Senator Filarts Office]

  • Campus Safety Forum with RoboCopp [Senator Filarts Office]

  • RoboCopp Sponsorship [Senator Filarts Office]

  • Safety Week [Senator Filarts Office]

My Platforms

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How We'll Get it Done


Mental and Physical Wellness

I. Encourage a stronger and more positive mental health climate in academic spaces

  • Work with the Tang Center, Academic Senate, and University officials to develop policies that keep professors accountable to students’ further academic needs. Such policies include: not requiring doctors notes for mental health related absences, having campus mental health resources presented in classes, and directing professors to address their academic policies related to mental health during syllabus week
  • Advocating for standardized academic procedures during trauma-inducing events that occur on campus

II. Expansion of RSF Programing

  • Partner with the RSF and University officials to expand physical wellness classes to more locations on campus, in residence halls, and community centers
  • Advocate for the university to increase funding of the Physical Education department


Library Improvement

I. Renovation of the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Floors of Moffitt

  • Work alongside staff in Moffitt Library to use campus-wide surveys and town halls so that student input is integrated into the design of 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of Moffitt Library.
  • Advocate for the implementation of mental and physical wellness areas within the new renovation to support students’ academic success
  • Ensure that the library designates space and resources to academic programming

II. Memorial Glade Check-Out Program

  • Secure funding from the university to purchase hammocks and yoga mats for students to borrow. These resources will be available for student checkout with their CalID

III. Semester Laptop Rental Program and Scholarship

  • Establish a long-term laptop rental program with the “Student Tech Fee Fund” geared towards supporting low-income and financially struggling students
  • Work with the Campus Chief Information Officer (CIO) Larry Conrad to implement a laptop scholarship for low-income students who need to make repairs to their broken laptops 


Academic Affairs Advocacy

I. Midterms and Finals Rescheduling Policy

  • Work with Academic Senate to implement policies that advocate for students facing complications with midterms and final exam scheduling, such as having three or more midterms scheduled for the same day or three finals on the same day.

II. Accomodating for Course Enrollment Increases

  • Work with colleges to expand webcasted and audio recorded courses to alleviate the problem of overcrowding in lower-division major requirement courses
  • Advocate that the university allow all recorded courses to be exempt of time conflicts if there’s no conflict with finals scheduling.

III. Establishing a Diversity and Inclusion Department

  • Within the AAVP Office, this department will ensure the continued representation of communities not consistently represented in the ASUC


Professional Development

I. Berkeley Students Research and Fellowship Expansion

  • Partner with the Career Center to expand the number of research and fellowship positions in the bay area available strictly to UC Berkeley students.
  • Establish career orientated resources and listservs, to ensure that professional and academic resources are available to students regardless of major

II. Professional Development Week

  • Organize a professional advising week that provides students with the skills, resources, and guidance needed to secure an internship or job

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