Rocky for Senate


Rocky Gerosa is a current second-year at UC Berkeley studying Political Science with minors in Public Policy and Gender & Women’s Studies. Born in Oxnard, California and later raised in Los Angeles, Rocky’s world view was largely developed by his four older sisters and strong Mexican family, which taught him the value of education, advocacy for one’s own community, and fighting for change when change is a necessity. On campus, Rocky has served on the Queer Student Union* executive board for two years, worked as a Gender Equity Center “Queer Cal Pals*” mentor to help incoming queer + trans students for two years, held the position of Risk Manager for Sexual Violence Prevention in Alpha Tau Omega*, and is the Chief-of-Staff for current ASUC Senator* Zach Carter. Rocky also sits on the Admissions Communications Student Advisory Board* in order to help shape UC Berkeley advertisements to better recruit prospective students of color and other underrepresented student populations!

As a Senator*, Rocky hopes to expand mental health resources, start initiatives surrounding alcoholism/substance use resources, increase sexual health resource accessibility and supportive healing spaces for survivors, institute post-incident organization rehabilitation workshops, and increase diversity in Greek life through economic accessibility scholarships while shifting the culture to be more inclusive and safe.


  • Queer Student Union Executive Board Member, 2017 - Present

  • Chief-of-Staff for ASUC Senator* Zach Carter, 2018 - Present

  • Working Group Member on the Office of the President’s* Sexual Health Resource Accessibility, 2019-Present

  • UC Berkeley Gender Equity Center’s “Queer Cal Pals” Program Mentor, Spring 2018 - Present

  • UC Berkeley Admissions Communications Student Advisory Board, Spring 2019 - Present

  • ATO Risk Manager for Sexual Violence Prevention, Spring 2019 - Present

  • Raices Recruitment & Retention Center Intern, Fall 2017

All titles are for identification purposes only.

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Expand Mental Health & Alcohol/Substance Use-Based Resources:

  • Integrate mental health resources in the newly-allocated B North space within MLK into the broader campus community and organizations.

  • Expand visibility for self-care and mental health spaces offered through the various campus centers, most namely the Tang Center and the Gender Equity Center.

  • Develop student resources and workshops surrounding alcohol & substance use, warning signs of misuse, bystander response, and community resources for substance concerns, like B North.

II. Increase Sexual Health Resource Accessibility, Consent Conversations & Survivor Healing Circles, and Institute Post-Incident Rehabilitation

  • Apply for a Wellness Grant to offer office-subsidized HIV/STI testing through the Tang Center intended for, but not limited to, Queer & Trans Students of Color.

  • Distribute safe-sex kits through current ASUC Senator* Zach Carter’s secured $18,000 funding to campus organizations & social functions in order to combat rising STI rates.

  • Work with campus centers to increase survivor healing circles across communities, roundtable conversations about consent & our values, and rehabilitation workshops for organizations post-incident.

III. Remove Economic Barriers to the CalGreek Community & Develop IFC Pre-Rush Programming:

  • Develop pre-IFC recruitment programming centering inclusivity in rush, current Greek organizations such as GASA and CAT, and informing potential new members about CalGreek’s consent culture & values.

  • Increase economic accessibility of the CalGreeks community through the creation of partial dues scholarships in partnership with IFC.

  • Address the process IFC uses when addressing issues of sexual misconduct in order to institute stricter consequences & procedures.