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Lynn Shiung

Lynn Shiung is a fourth year undergraduate student majoring in Theater Dance and Performance Studies. She has been involved in cultural organizations such as East Asian Union (EAU), Taiwanese Student Association (TSA), Korean American Student Association (KASA), and International Student Association at Berkeley (ISAB). During her term as an ASUC Senator, Lynn will work on: 1) helping international students with career development and increasing networking opportunities. She will also work with Berkeley International Office (BIO), MapsReo,  and career center to improve the studying experience of international students at Berkeley. 2) working with the ASUC Student Union to increase the accessibility of mobile device charging lockers across campus locations. 3) Lynn will also work with East Asian Union directly to support student-run cultural organizations and provide spaces for students to share their culture.

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katya Yamamoto

Katya Yamamoto is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Bioengineering. During her term, Katya will work to facilitate the success of others in the engineering and STEM community at Cal. She is focused on improving STEM mentorship through the development of sustainable, long-term collaborations that allow for increased communication between undergraduates, and graduates and faculty members. A priority within this is the retention of minority communities within STEM, a problem she has faced as one of the few women in her engineering classes. Katya is also working on increasing the amount of research opportunities available to undergraduates. Students often spend upwards of 2 semesters trying to find research positions, which hinders their experience, and affects their competitiveness when applying to industry and graduate programs. She will achieve this goal through the expansion of Beehive (a Berkeley research portal), outreach to faculty and labs, and cooperation with centers on, and off campus to develop fellowships. Lastly, Katya will be working on women's sexual health rights in our campus and local Berkeley community. A personal passion of hers- she is spearheading several projects that focus on de-stigmatization, sex positivity, and resource access, hoping that every student on our campus is aware of the resources available to them. She is also cooperating with the Office of the External Affairs Vice President and City Council to consistently lobby for more progressive women's health policies.

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Maddie Miller is a fourth year Legal Studies major and Geography minor. She plans to attend law school after completing undergraduate study this Spring. As a pre-law student, one of Maddie's main goals for her senate term is to establish a working relationship between Berkeley Law and undergraduates interested in pursuing that course of study. Her office strives to implement a law school course auditing program for the benefit of undergraduates interested in learning more about what it means to be a law student. Maddie is also a proud member of the Greek community, and as Chapter President of Alpha Phi, she is looking to make the Panhellenic community more inclusive and educated on topics of gender, race, and safety. This year Maddie and her staff also plan to work with other ASUC officials to make comprehensive changes to the course enrollment process on CalCentral. Eliminating unnecessary and confusing features is the primary concern, which will allow for a more comprehensive, user-friendly  experience to be had by all students. Maddie's Chief-of-Staff, Morgan Johnson, also a member of Alpha Phi, plays an integral role in each of these goals. To Maddie, being an ASUC Senator is more than just holding a position of power. It's about learning more about yourself and the communities you represent, always striving to seek new heights for the success and benefit of your peers.

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Megha Torpunuri

Megha Torpunuri is a second-year undergraduate student intended on studying Business Administration and Political Economy. Megha's focuses this year will be on facilitating students' transportation needs, increasing student health options, and enhancing campus safety. Some of her offices' keynote projects are implementing menstrual product dispensers in MLK and Eshleman, creating a user-friendly BearWALK app, and creating a travel grant for student organizations to subsidize their travel costs. Megha's office also has special focuses in South Asian affairs with organizations with a South Asian focus, in addition to campus financing and business opportunities. This year, Megha hopes to not only serve her constituents' needs, but also enhance the overall Berkeley experience for all students.

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Jenica Bautista

Jenica Bautista is a third year undergraduate student studying economics. It has been six years since a female senator was elected to represent the Christian community and the first from Berkeley Cru. Jenica seeks to elevate the presence of Christ on campus by uplifting Christian organizations, fellowships, and ministries. She aims to work in tandem with registered student organization, Unity in Christ, to fulfill that goal. Importantly, Jenica also represents the Open Computing Facility (OCF) and will work to develop sustainable solutions for fiscal solvency so that more students can benefit from its excellent services. Last but not least, Jenica recognizes the importance of nutrition and how it impacts students' well-being. She plans to increase awareness of its importance and implement healthy living practices in order to improve campus wide health. Overall, Jenica aspires to serve every student to the highest standard through dedication, compassion, and grace.

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Adnan Hemani is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. As a representative for the Tech, EECS/CS, and Engineering communities, Adnan plans on working to revamp campus technologies such as CalCentral and the classroom reservation systems. Adnan also plans on working to expand webcasting efforts across campus as well as mitigating the budget crisis faced by the College of Engineering and the EECS Department specifically. In addition, Adnan plans to expand student accessibility to campus spaces. Throughout his term, he wishes to get EECS/CS and Engineering students more involved in campus issues and make the campus administration accountable to students on all technology-related issues.

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Senator Alexander Wilfert is a third-year student who grew up in the United Kingdom but originally from New Jersey, studying Political Economy and History. He has been heavily involved in the ASUC, Chi Psi Fraternity, and Berkeley Model United Nations since the start of his freshman year. Alex is working hard to advocate for the ROTC community, develop the International Relations community, and ensure a safer campus and community. He envisions the ASUC as one that makes decisions in the best interests of the entire student body and hopes to make student government more receptive to tangible change for everyone.

Hung Huynh

Hung Huynh is a second year undergraduate intending to study business administration and education. For the 2017-2018 academic year, Hung aims to serve the campus community here at UC Berkeley with earnest efforts through platform achievements, student advocacy, legislative production, representation and outreach, and various exciting project developments. He will be prioritizing serving students from low-income, first-generation backgrounds. His main focuses include, but are not limited to, course content affordability and accessibility, increase and improvement in student resources and programming, and basic needs security. Throughout his term of service, Hung hopes to not only do all that he can to contribute to the campus community but also learn all that he can being in this position of privilege. GO BEARS!

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Connor Hughes

Connor Hughes is a third year undergraduate studying Political Science and Economics. Connor’s focuses this year will be on increasing allocation of emergency housing on campus, working with the city to increase lighting and off-campus safety, and leveraging increased administrative support for campus sustainability goals. Connor hopes to focus on policy and institutional change while he is office.

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