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Ian Bullitt is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Mechanical Engineering. During his term, Ian will work on initiating the BAAE Program, which will pair low-income & minority Bay Area high school seniors with Student Admissions Ambassadors and provide them with an extensive essay collection from real, anonymous Berkeley students. Ian plans on pushing for a better academic experience in the College of Engineering by spearheading a campaign targeted on grade deflation, bringing more resources to struggling and minority students, and pushing for personal wellness among COE students. Finally, Ian will work to spearhead detailed proposals that target the 3.3 GPA cap for computer science, open up classes for more accessibility, and aid underrepresented students. By the end of this academic year, Ian wants to make sure that Engineering Administration is aware of the negative effects that grade deflation has on its students – particularly underrepresented minorities & womxn who are facing increased difficulties within Computer Science and Engineering. He also wants to inspire kids from the Bay Area to pursue higher education through the actions of the ASUC.

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Annie Tran is a second year undergraduate student majoring in Business Administration. In an effort to support the student body at large, Annie plans on digitalizing the Cal1Card into a mobile-app to increase accessibility. She will also be working on a cause she is very passionate about; food security efforts. Annie will construct a way to use meal points to help with food insecurity while also supporting current initiatives made by EOP/CE3. Over the course of her term, Annie hopes to accomplish the platforms that she ran on and leave support systems behind for the communities who choose to engage with or seek resources from the ASUC.

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Bianca filart

Bianca Filart is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Molecular Cell Biology with a Global Poverty and Practice minor. Over the summer, Bianca’s office established a Pre-Health department which worked on the groundwork to establish the Pre-Health Student Council, a coalition of pre-health student organizations on campus with a mission to unify the community, provide supportive resources, and offer a more prominent representation in the ASUC. She also began working with the Compliance and Enterprise Risk Committee (CERC) subcommittee on student risk to address alcohol and drug-related harm reduction for the upcoming year, particularly with promotion of the new Responsible Bystander Policy. This year, Bianca and her staff want to foster a supportive and safe campus environment, in which students feel comfortable working together; prioritizing on and off-campus lighting, increasing security monitoring, and promoting harm reduction related to alcohol and drug incidents. As an elected official, Bianca hopes to support the communities she represents to the best of her ability and leave a positive legacy at UC Berkeley. On a personal level, she strives to achieve personal growth and learn from the unique experiences and narratives of the people that she will have the pleasure of meeting this year.

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Helen Yuan is a third year undergraduate student with a Business Administration major. Helen’s focuses this year will be on increasing accessibility and affordability of housing through partnership with CampusCribz online housing resource, expanding the webcasting program to help alleviate the over-enrollment of high-demand classes in concert with the Chief Technology Officer, and developing a digitalized bulletin board to help student organizations have stronger and more streamlined appeal to Cal students. Overall, Helen is aiming to shift the ASUC mindset from a results-oriented culture to one that is focused on progress and leadership.

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Jay Choi is a second year undergraduate student with an intended Business Administration major. As a representative for the Korean, East Asian, and International communities in Senate, Jay plans on increasing resources and support for these communities on campus. This summer, Jay spent time organizing the new student orientation and other social events for incoming Korean students. In an effort to address safety concerns for the general student population, Jay is currently forming the ASUC Campus Safety Committee to ensure a safer environment for students. His next project will be increasing participation in the study abroad programs. In his term, Jay hopes to bring as much benefits as possible to the student body through projects and the work of his staff.

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miranda hernandez

Miranda Hernandez is an undergraduate student majoring in both Political Science and Peace & Conflict Studies. This summer, Miranda sat on the Inter-semester committee and contributed to the student leadership responses addressing events that arose on and around campus over the break. As a representative for the Greek community, Miranda will devise ways to increase the amount of inclusivity and diversity in the community. For the Pre-Law community, she will aim to better equip all Pre-Law students with the necessary tools and support to go through the law school admissions process. Finally, Miranda is planning on creating a campus sobering center to minimize transports and also host multiple tools to survive targeted violence such as defense trainings to prepare students. Miranda also represents the Disabled Students Union and well as the Berkeley Republicans. Overall, Miranda hopes to create a greater sense of community for those at Cal.

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MOnsoon Pabrai

Monsoon Pabrai is a fourth year undergraduate student with a Political Science major and Statistics minor. As a representative of the South Asian Community, she wants to increase collaboration between South Asian clubs on campus to increase the strength of the South Asian community as well as serve as a liaison between the South Asian community and the ASUC. This year, Monsoon will also work towards establishing a Disabled Students Initiative, creating more projects on campus that increase inclusivity, such as Goalball. Monsoon also plans on improving financing services for student groups by educating ASUC sponsored groups on the specifics of financing as well as making the process more transparent. Earthquake safety is also a passion of Monsoon’s, so she will lobby for seismic retrofits on behalf of students, faculty and administration with the City of Berkeley’s Housing Advisory Committee, Rent Stabilization Board, and Berkeley City Council. Finally, Monsoon wants to create a standard of UC Berkeley Community Agreements and Values that students can contribute in order to vocalize student voices when making partnerships with private companies. Ultimately, after years of involvement in ASUC and interacting with countless students, Monsoon really wants to make the ASUC more accessible financially to student groups that receive little to no funding, as well as expanding the credit card program to groups that spend a lot of ASUC money.

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Nathan kelleher

Nathan Kelleher is a third year undergraduate student studying Political Economy. As a representative of the Greek Community (PHC and IFC), the Mixed Student Union, and Professional Fraternities, Nathan plans to work on developing a Financial Wellness Mentorship Program aimed at helping students with budgeting and providing a support system during hard financial times. He also wants to implement a Study Abroad Catalog & Connect program that would focus on connecting current students with those that have completed internships or studies abroad. Revamping the GO BIG! Initiative is another one of his goals to allow for more on campus activities to occur for the general campus community. Looking forward in preparation for next Fall, he also wants to make sure that everyone is prepared for the new Golden Bear Orientation in order to integrate as many communities on campus as possible. Nathan really hopes to watch everyone in his office grow themselves and find their passions in the ASUC.

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Wesley Wan is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Computer Science. As a representative of the Berkeley Dance Community (BDC), Wesley spent most of his summer managing the summer season of dance for 800+ dancers, managing auditions, location and reservation logistics, and officer transitioning. This year for BDC, Wesley hopes to secure additional space for dancers and reach out to organizations and teams at Cal that have not previously been a part of BDC. As a representative of the Christian community, Wesley would like to unite the fellowships in Berkeley. Overall, Wesley wants to really utilize the power of the Senate Class as a whole to create tangible change across campus. 

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Xiao Li is a fourth year undergraduate student with a Practice of Art and Sociology major. This summer as a representative of the international student community, Xiao started working on the new International Student Welcome Booklet to help international students transition to campus from a student perspective. This year, Xiao plans on changing the way international students are acclimated into the campus culture. She’d also like to see cultural exchanges on campus that widen the interaction among students form all across the globe. Overall, Xiao really wants to encourage more international students to step out their comfort zones and get involved on-campus.