Shelby for Senate 


Shelby Weiss is a second year studying Political Science and Public Policy. Growing up with a dad who attended Berkeley for both his undergraduate and graduate degrees, Shelby has always been a huge Cal fan with long aspirations to come up north to follow in her dad's footsteps. Outside of the classroom, Shelby is a Co-Engagement Chair on the Berkeley Hillel Student Board, a member of Delta Sigma sorority, and a Seinfeld enthusiast.


  • Chief of Staff to ASUC Senator Justin L. Greenwald, August 2018-Present

  • Co-Engagement Chair on Berkeley Hillel Student Board, December 2018-Present

  • Schultz Freshman Engagement Fellow at Berkeley Hillel, January 2018-December 2018

  • Delta Sigma Board Member, January 2018-December 2018

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • ASUC Senator* Justin L. Greenwald

  • Michelle Safransky, President of Delta Sigma Sorority*

  • Alexandra Nichols, Risk Manager of Delta Sigma Sorority*

*Titles for Identifications Purposes Only

I. Supporting and Empowering the Jewish Community on Campus

  • Combating Anti-Semitism

    • Continue to demand forceful condemnation and sincere allyship from the ASUC and UCB administration in the face of anti-Semitism;

    • Proactively educate on the issue of anti-Semitism, including hosting more roundtables, facilitating dialogue, and inviting the Anti Defamation League, scholars, and Holocaust survivors to campus;

    • Provide an inclusive and representative voice for Jewish students by hosting Jewish Community Town Halls and Jewish student leader roundtables.

  • Interfaith

    • Increase multicultural and interfaith initiatives, in order to forge stronger connections and alliances across campus;

    • Collaborate with other communities to ensure that a larger cross section of students work together to fight intolerance on campus.

II. Safety and Sustainability in the Greek Community

  • Safety

    • Procure funding for disaster preparedness kits and emergency supplies for all Greek houses;

    • Create an executive level position in PHC to work in coordination with the existing IFC VP of Emergency Preparedness to develop chapter-level positions focused on disaster prep;

    • Establish a partnership between IFC, PHC and the Berkeley Disaster Team (BDT) and Berkeley Medical Reserve Corps (BMRC) to create disaster preparedness education and targeted disaster plans.

  • Sustainability

    • Work to allocate additional funding for grants that support the efforts of IFC and PHC toward greater sustainability goals in the Greek community;

    • Collaborate with Berkeley City Council to institute the proper recycling and composting bins into all fraternity houses to decrease waste and promote environmental sustainability.  

III. Centralizing Student Organization Resources

  • LEAD Center Reform

    • Work with LEAD center and student orgs to update Callink website to reflect current organizations on campus and include recruitment information;

    • Develop a mobile system to replace flyering with a QR code system that would allow them to download digital flyers and connect to the organizations on social media.

  • Streamlining Sproul

    • Create way to reserve space on Sproul Plaza, similar to the existing platforms for booking rooms on campus;

    • Collaborate with student organizations to coordinate themed tabling days on Lower Sproul during recruitment seasons in order to make it easier for students to find the clubs they’re looking for.