Sitara for Senate


Sitara Bellam is a third year undergraduate student majoring in Cognitive Science with a focus in Computer Science and Entrepreneurship. Sitara first became involved in the ASUC in Fall 2016 as an intern in the Office of ASUC Senator* Ian Bullitt, and has worked as the Director of South Asian Resources for ASUC Senator Saakshi Goel* this past year. She has been heavily involved in the South Asian community since her freshman year at Cal and has served on the executive boards of Indian Students Association, South Indian Society, Indus, and Queer Trans South Asians at Berkeley. In her free time, she enjoys reading mythology, street art/graffiti hunting in San Francisco, and working on digital art.


  • Office of ASUC Senator* Saakshi Goel

    • Director of South Asian Resources (2018 - present)

    • South Asian Student Caucus Founder/Facilitator (2018-present)

    • 2019 Multicultural Initiative Fund Review Board

  • Office of ASUC Senator* Megha Torpunuri

    • South Asian Liaison (2017-2018)

  • Office of ASUC AAVP* Ian Bullitt

    • Bay Area Academic Equity Program Director (2017-2018)

  • Indian Students Association*

    • Marketing Director (2017-2018)

    • Marketing Coordinator (2016-2017)

  • South Indian Society*

    • Senior Advisor (2018-present)

    • President (2017-2018)

    • External Events Intern (2016-2017)

  • Indus*

    • Internal Affairs Chair (2018-present)

    • Media Chair (2016-2018)

  • Queer Trans South Asians at Berkeley*

    • External Outreach Director (2018-present)

  • imagiCal (American Advertising Federation)

    • External Vice President (2018-present)

    • Production Committee (2017-2018)

All titles are for identification purposes only.


  • Saakshi Goel, *ASUC Senator

  • Nikhil Harish, *ASUC Senator

  • Jot Samra, *President of Indus

  • Sameer Reddy, *President of Indus

  • Abhisek Sahoo, *President of Indus

  • Varsha Prakash, *President of Indus

  • Jash Vora, *President of ISA

  • Abhi Nathan, *President of South Indian Society

  • Shyamkarthik Rameshbabu, *President of South Indian Society

  • Jain Students Association

  • Diya Chaudhuri, *President of Asha for Education

  • Bhagat Puran Singh Health Initiative (BPSHI)

  • Yash Dave, *President of Alpha Epsilon Zeta

  • Queer Trans South Asians at Berkeley

  • Vineet Mathur, *Captain of Zahanat

  • Ganesh Muthu, *Captain of Zahanat

*Titles for Identification Purposes Only

How We’ll Get it Done

I. Increase Accessibility of Sexual Health Resources

  • Sensitivity Trainings

    • Advocate for instituting sensitivity trainings in collaboration with UCPD and Residence Hall Assembly (RHA).

    • Revisit the way UCPD deals with issues surrounding mental/sexual health.

  • Incoming Student Sexual Health Education Reform

    • Increase education for incoming freshmen/transfer students through more comprehensive GBO Sexual Health seminars.

    • Expand on campus visibility of existing programming/resources offered by The Sexual Health Education Program’s (SHEP).

  • Demystifying SHIP/Student Insurance

    • Work on helping students make more informed choices about their health.

    • Advocate for student voices and input in decisions made the the University Health Services (UHS) and the SHIP Office surrounding insurance plan changes.

II. Improve Financial Services for Student Groups

  • Efficiency

    • Work with the LEAD Center on the digitalization of the financial reimbursement process through Callink for student organizations.

    • Advocate for a Venmo partnership with ASUC in efforts to separate students’ personal finances from student organization finances - prioritize the financial security of students managing RSO finances.

  • Transparency

    • Educate ASUC sponsored groups on regulations surrounding finances & funding and accessibility of grants.

III. South Asian Resources and Development

  • Oversight of Finances and Spaces Resources

    • Represent South Asian groups for budgetary and space issues.

  • Build Community

    • Provide an inclusive and representative voice for South Asian students by hosting South Asian Community Town Halls and continuing support for collaboration among the South Asian Student Caucus.

    • Facilitate dialogue addressing the stigmas surrounding mental health, anti-blackness, and sexual violence & sexual health within the community.

    • Promote and support SSWANA programming/initiatives around Sexual Health.