Stephanie Cong for ASUC Senate

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Hi, I am Stephanie Cong, a second year Economics major and I am so excited to be running for Senate with Student Action! I have previously worked in the ASUC Office of the CFO, the Office of Senator Hung Huynh, and am involved within multiple organizations in the business community. I hope to make professional development resources more accessible on campus, provide more tailored funding to business organizations, as well as increase the financial literacy of Berkeley’s students. In my free time, I love to bake, do yoga, and visit art galleries and new food places in the city.


I. Business Community Funding

  • Establish an ASUC federated funding system, similar to Engineering Student Council, in which all business-related Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) may choose to have their yearly funding determined by a panel of their business peers through the Haas Business School Association (HBSA)

II. Professional Development Resources for All Students

  • Partner with industries who traditionally do not recruit heavily on campus to host recruiting information sessions, increasing on-campus career resources and accessibility students have to companies and recruiters
  • Hold campus-wide resume workshops, mock interview sessions, and career industry panels for all majors through the ASUC

III. Financial Literacy

  • Implement a Financial Literacy seminar within Golden Bear Orientation to provide a resource for freshmen to learn how to manage finances in a college environment
  • Host and sponsor Financial Literacy workshops and conferences on campus
  • Clarify and Reorganize Financial Literacy resources on CalCentral


  • Director of Business and Legislative Operations, Office of Senator Hung Huynh

  • Investments Associate, Office of the Chief Financial Officer

  • Vice President of Recruitment, Undergraduate Finance Association | Undergraduate Management Consulting Group

  • Senior Consultant, Voyager Consulting

  • Internal Affairs Committee Member, Haas Business School Association


  • Elyse Weissberger, President* of Haas Business School Association (HBSA)

  • Alicia Lau, Former ASUC Executive Vice President* and Senator*

  • Helen Yuan, ASUC Executive Vice President* and Former ASUC Senator*

  • Himaja Jangle, President* of Voyager Consulting

  • Eli Chin, President* of Undergraduate Finance Association | Undergraduate Management Consulting Group

  • Hozefa Basrai, President* of Stock Trading at Berkeley

  • Ayushi Gupta, President* of Berkeley Business Society

  • Soham Ghosh, President* of NextGen Consulting

  • Megha Torpunuri, ASUC Senator*

  • Hung Huynh, ASUC Senator*

  • Nick Palmer, Vice President of Equity* - Berkeley Investment Group

  • Krishna Reddy, President* of Berkeley Project and Vice President* of Capital Investments at Berkeley

  • Soojin Lee, President* of Visionary Entertainment

  • Lillian Wu, President* of Microfinance at Berkeley

  • Ranul Edirrisinghe, President* of Berkeley Finance Club


* Titles for Identification Purposes Only