William Wang for ASUC Senate

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My name is William Wang and I am running for ASUC Senate this year. Before I begin, there are a lot of people to thank. My friends, family, and mentors – thank you for the support you gave me and for believing in me to lead change within the Berkeley community. My path to ASUC Senate would not be possible without these people in my life. I am currently a junior studying Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on Data Science with a minor in Computer Science. I’ve been involved in the entrepreneurship and tech scene on campus ever since my Cal Day before my freshman year. I was lucky enough to get the contact information of the Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology’s (SCET) faculty member, Ken Singer. He taught me true entrepreneurship is to better a community. I was formally hired onto the Student Intern staff of SCET during the end of my Freshman year as their Student Organization Coordinator. I have been working with student organizations in the entrepreneurship & technology by chairing the Sutardja Venture Council (SVC) since Sophomore year to ensure that the student organizations in this community received the necessary resources and support from SCET and the university. This year I will be serving nine student organizations in the SVC. During my Sophomore and Junior years, I founded and led the community innovation hackathon, Innovate Berkeley, on campus in collaboration with Google Launchpad. I hope to continue my service and work towards the Berkeley community through the ASUC Senate, and I hope to have your support along the way!



I.  Increasing exposure for undergraduate students to the Berkeley’s entrepreneurial, technological, and innovation focused resources:

  • Create a program that aims to bring together undergraduate resources that support student innovators through categories like campus innovation courses, campus funding, and alumni interaction.
  • Establish a formal partnership between the Sutardja Venture Council (SVC) and the ASUC in order to provide more campus spaces and resources for student entrepreneurs and act as a unified voice to the ASUC Senate Body.
  • Expand the student-alumni interaction in the tech industry by working alongside with the Berkeley Leadership Network (BLN) to host an alumni networking event for on during the springtime in the Bay Area.

II. Supporting Berkeley’s amazing DeCal program:

  • Set up certificates through the DeCal program in computer science, data science, and entrepreneurship fields to enhance student innovation and tech on campus without the constrictions or limitations of major/minor requirements.
  • Ensure that decals can be taken for credit and certificate requirement fulfillment by offering course credit that counts towards certain certificate programs in Berkeley, specifically the Certificate in Entrepreneurship & Technology and the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation.
  • Collaborate with student organizations who teach DeCals in order to forward with certificate programs like the Berkeley Certificate in Design Innovation (BCDI) into a centralized program within Jacobs Institute of Design:
  • Work with Jacobs faculty members to get cheaper access to the maker space.
  • Have the fundamentals courses taught by these student organizations count towards obtaining the BCDI

III. Preparing Berkeley students in the event of a major disaster or event:

  • Direct funding from the ASUC towards student organizations that increase campus readiness in the case of a major event, through the purchase of additional disaster relief equipment.
  • Establish a consistent presence on the Berkeley community by:
  • Permanently setting aside space on campus for students to give and receive training for emergency response students (ASUC Facilities within the Hearst Gymnasium).
  • Ensuring greater involvement of the Disaster Relief Orientation during Golden Bear Orientation.
  • Make sure that students who are certified to give medical support for large campus events are compensated for their work and establishing more transparent planning to ensure that they aren’t overworked.


  • INNOVATE BERKELEY FOUNDER / PRESIDENT | University of California, Berkeley | May 2017 - Jan 2018

  • SUTARDJA VENTURE COUNCIL CHAIR | University of California, Berkeley | January 2018 - Present

  • STUDENT ORGANIZATION COORDINATOR | Innovation Council for UC Berkeley + Sutardja Center for Entrepreneurship & Technology (SCET) | August 2016 - Present

  • GOLDEN BEAR ORIENTATION LEADER | University of California, Berkeley | June 2017 - August 2017


  • Ikhlaq Sidhu, Founding Director of SCET

  • Ken Singer, Managing Director of SCET

  • Tyshon Rogers, Student Services Advisor of Jacobs Institute of Design

  • Adnan Hemani, ASUC Senator*

  • Katya Yamamoto, ASUC Senator*

  • Ken Chen, Ruby on Rails DeCal Instructor* from Blueprint

  • Nhi Quach, Ruby on Rails DeCal Instructor* from Blueprint

  • Kendall Lee, President* of Berkeley Disaster Team

  • Blake LaFayette, President* of Free Ventures

  • Kunal Desai, President* of Valley Consulting Group

  • Mahek Modi, President* of Phoenix Consulting

  • Martin Guo, President* of Berkeley Data Science Society

  • Namrata Sumbramanian, President* of Innovate Berkeley

  • Sabrina Cherny, Ambassador* to SCET of Diversatech

  • Mudit Goyal, Co-Founder* of the Berkeley Leadership Network

  • Tomas Ferry, Co-Founder* of the Berkeley Leadership Network

* Title for Identification Purposes Only